[OBSOLETE] Log thermostat to google drive via IFTTT

I was looking for a quick way to log my thermostat state, temp, and setpoint to a spreadsheet, so I decided to try out IFTTT’s new maker channel. It was fairly easy to do and I thought I’d share it. It could easily be modified for other uses.

Steps to work

  1. Create app in IDE by copying code
  2. Enable IFTTT Maker Channel
  3. Create new maker recipe
  4. Install app in smartthings phone app
  5. When installing, you’ll be asked for you api key (found in the channel) and event name (when you created recipe)

Be aware that this recipe definitely falls under IFTTT’s “may take up to 20 minute” rule, so the data won’t hit the spreadsheet real time, but the time in the log should reflect the actual event time

I welcome any feedback. I may attempt to publish to ST, just may have to add some instructions to the preference page so it’s clear how to set this up when just looking at the app (without the comments in the app code)



Awesome. Thanks for your efforts!

Trying to find the code on Github, but can’t find it. Is it removed?

Here’s a new link. I had to reorg my repository for the github integration

Thank you,

Merry Christmas

Works like a charm! Had to make sure to disable notifications on this one. Haha.

[quote=“kevintierney, post:1, topic:19835”]5. When installing, you’ll be asked for you api key (found in the channel) and event name (when you created recipe)
[/quote]OK, dumb move here. I have the API key - easy to find - but I don’t remember what I used for an event name. Is it important to have the app entry match what I set? Any way to look it up?

You can just log into IFTTT and edit the recipe and the event name is there

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[quote=“kevintierney, post:8, topic:19835, full:true”]
You can just log into IFTTT and edit the recipe and the event name is there
[/quote]Clearly, I don’t know what I’m doing. I can’t find the Maker recipe in my IFTTT My Recipes or Channels. So, I went back to this path:
IFTTT -> Channels -> DIY Electronics -> MAKER

There, “Maker” shows connected and when I click that link, I get a page for the Maker Channel with my info Connected as: and Your key is:

I’ve got buttons to Reconnect Channel and Disconnect. If I Reconnect, then a new key is generated. But, I’m still not seeing the Recipe that I’ve created for this SmartApp.

All this is probably overkill to someone who understands this, but I’m lost. Please tell me where I went wrong. Thank you!

It sounds like you may have deleted your recipe and need to recreate it.

If you go into the maker channel, do you have something like this on the right? If so, click on that to get the recipe. If not, you’ll need to create a new one

I’m getting there. Maybe reading this will help other noobs. I didn’t have an indication of any Personal Recipes (on that banner), I was stumped at the Create a Recipe stage. Thought I was supposed to do that from the Maker Channel page; just figured out that I had to go back to the Create a Recipe and select the Maker.

But, as I setup the THIS and THAT criteria, I’m don’t know if I am correctly creating the recipe. The log show the recipe created, but no activity and the spreadsheet has not been created in Google Drive.

The Recipe Title is If Maker Event “Log Honeywell Thermostat to IFTTT”, then add row to spreadsheet in XX@YYY.com’s Google Drive

The trigger is Receive a web request with the Event Name Log Honeywell Thermostat to IFTTT

Action is Add row to spreadsheet with the name IFTTT_Maker_Events in path IFTTT/Maker/{{EventName}}

Then, I think I updated the SmartApp with the right parameters.

I have some other IFTTT spreadsheets in my Drive, but no Maker folder or IFTTT_Maker_Events spreadsheet. Do you think I have the Maker Channel setup correctly?

You are on the right path.

One annoying thing from IFTTT is that you cannot create the recipe from the channel. When you click “Create a New Recipe” from within the channel, it still takes you to the basic recipe creation screen

Try Changing the event simply logThermostat or something similar with no spaces (underscores are ok). Make sure when you change it in IFTTT that you change it in the smartApp too

It won’t create until the 1st trigger occurs

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Working now! Thanks for hanging with me.

Can’t this be done within IFTTT by itself? Not sure what the difference is.

Is there anyway to do this now with the new webhooks within IFTTTT. I was unable to get the original solution to work but really want to start logging my temperatures.

I’ve updated the code and validated it works