[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

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You need some repeaters, this is a classic symptom of a weak mesh, lost commands. The SmartApp will keep retrying to add or remove the codes until the lock reconfirms it (unless you’ve disabled the verification option in the SmartApp) but at the end how long it takes to eventually add/remove the codes depends on the strength of your mesh. Your lock should be no further than 15ft from the nearest repeater for an efficient network and better battery life.

Also if you reduce the number of users, the SmartApp does NOT clear the unused users (by design on request from users). If you’re going to reduce the number if users (say from 3 to 2) then make sure you clear out the codes before reducing the number or just leave the max number of users as 3 and keep the third slot empty or inactive.

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I can’t imagine a usecase where you’d want to have an invisible user, but okay.

Hidden codes, SmartThings is accessible by the everyone on your account, SmartThings doesn’t limit access as yet to SmartApps. So anyone who has access to your SmartThings account has access to your SmartApps and consequently access to your codes. This is just one, there are a lot many more use cases the SmartApps caters to :slight_smile:

After a little more testing, it looks like I inadvertently disabled the one button activation on the lock !!


Hi can I unlock automatic when I am arrive at home?

If you want to enable your code on the lock when you arrive at home you can use the SmartApp, if you simply want to unlock when you arrive home just create a routine for it, when someone arrives run routines and unlock doors, much simpler.

@RBoy Thank you for your reply.

I use my code to unlock my door every time, I am looking for an way to unlock when I arrive close to the door without type the code.

Create a routine or a Piston in webCoRE.

I have an Auto Arm and Auto Disarm Routine. When I get about two blocks from the house my SmartThings disarms, the garage door opens, and the inside garage door unlocks. If it’s after sunset, the laundry room lights come on and when i walk past one of the motion sensors my Bose welcomes me home.

Just installed a BE469 tonight, paid for a lifetime RBoy Apps subscription, installed the latest versions of the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH and the Schlage Lock Alarm and Door Lock Code Management smart apps, and paired with my hub.

Everything seems to be working just dandy, though I guess when sifting through the mountain of information about the Schlage BE469 lock, I didn’t catch that it doesn’t actually have a door open/close sensor (as mentioned here.)

Looking at the detailed Show Device page for my BE469 in SmartThings IDE, I’m guessing the state named contact is what’s used for determing the open/close status, but it has remained as “closed” since the moment I linked my Schlage to ST.

So, I’m wondering: Why does the Schlage BE469 shows up as a useable door open/close sensor in the Door open/close actions settings of this app?

I’m sure @RBoy will chime in soon with the answer to that, in the meantime, I also have this lock and am happy with it, occasionally it doesn’t like the manual code entries and beeps, and I have to try a few times to get it to unlock, but otherwise no complaints…ok it’s kind of loud but whatever.

Anyways, if you’d like to add an open/closed sensor, I recommend xiaomi’s door sensor, probably the cheapest you’ll find and serves its purpose well.


I have it set to turn on a couple lights after dark when I enter my code. However, there’s a pretty big delay, like 5-7s. Doesn’t sound like much but I’m already down the hall in that time, so I either go in the dark or turn them on manually. I was told this was a sign of an issue with the mesh, so I did a z-wave repair, which didn’t help. So I just bought an Iris Smart Plug v2 because it’s Zigbee and includes a Z-wave repeater. I placed it about 5 feet from the door, did a Z-wave repair, but still having the same issue. I just did some playing around with it, and tried changing it to always turn on the lights, thinking it was an issue with it determining it was after dark, but still had the same delay. I also watched the events under Recently in the app for the lock and it was displaying everything pretty much instantly. So I tried setting the I’m Home routine to turn on the same lights as I have that set to run when I enter my code, and by doing this, the lights were on before I could even open the door. So this tells me there’s a problem somewhere else and that it’s not a mesh issue.

Sequence of events and priotities are controlled by SmartThings and depends
on the cloud/account. There two reasons for delays:

  1. Z-Wave mesh issue as you know and have investigated - this is relatively
    easy to fix, add a few repeaters, reboot the hub and do a z-wave repair
  2. SmartThings cloud execution scheduling

Apps don’t have control over scheduling. In an ideal world all apps,
routines etc should get the same priority but in reality it depends on
which server your account is running and it’s scheduling the actions
(SmartThings runs on Amazon and across multiple

For some folks routines run faster than apps, while for others, routines
run slower than apps. There’s no way to control it, the best you can do it
figure out what works better for you. In your case routines seem to have
higher priority or the servers are less loaded than the ones running your
SmartApps, so maybe you should put your action in routines instead of the
SmartApp itself.
Just for comparison, in our test lab account, routines run super slow, I
mean it takes upto 30 seconds to turn on a switch, where as the SmartApps
are 2-3 seconds.

I have six Schlage BE468 deadbolts at my rental property which I manage with the Lock User Code Manager.

This evening around 7:30pm, I first updated the device handler to 03.05.01 (not sure exactly what the previous version was, no earlier than 03.03.06), and then I updated the SmartApp to version 05.10.00 (the previous version was either 05.08.00 or 05.08.01). I followed the instructions here (https://smartthings.rboyapps.com/InstallDH.htm) and here (https://smartthings.rboyapps.com/InstallSA.htm) exactly.

About 20 minutes later, I get several notifications from the SmartThings app that too many invalid codes had been entered on one of the locks and that the keypad had been temporarily de-activated. Over the course of the next hour or so, after some frantic texting via her roommate who was away (my tenant had been locked out of her apartment with the oven on without her phone), I was able to get her back in by unlocking the door remotely for her.

After going through the notification logs to see if anything unusual had happened after the update, I decided to go back into the SmartApp configuration in the SmartThings app. It turns out that the user code in her slot had reverted back to the previous tenant’s code somehow.

The new tenant moved in yesterday, 11/20/17, and I set and tested her code on 11/19/17, so I know for sure that her code was set and working correctly. How could the lock manager have reverted to the previous tenant’s code?

One thing I noticed afterward, when I was trying to change the code in her slot back to the new code, was that I kept getting an error when I tried to press “Save” in the SmartApp. I had to try three or four times before it finally saved without an error.

I’m happy to provide logs or any other information to help troubleshoot this issue. Just let me know what you need with explicit instructions on how to get it to you.

Sounds like your ST server account was having issues, the fact that it took a couple of tries to save the settings is the prime indicator that it’s a server error. Once data is saved it’s all in the cloud and the app does not modify it, that seems to indicate data corruption on your account (not the first time on SmartThings, it’s happened before).

Another user also posted another thread about some random ST server errors with their SmartApp. Keep on eye on it. If the data continues to have issues you may want to contact ST support investigate why your account has data consistency issues.

I have got the app and using the rboy device handler with my Yale Conexsis L1. I have a routine where the hall light comes on when the door is unlocked, which works when manually unlocked or via my phone as I arrive home. It does not work with the rfid tags and no lock activity is reported in the smart hub when using them.

I will admit to being very new to SmartThings and wondered if there was a step by step,guide for configuring the app and device handler so I can get rfid reporting working correctly.

Many thanks

Some of the locks don’t transmit RFID data over Z-Wave, if you aren’t seeing any activity over the logs when using the RFID tags then your lock isn’t transmitting that information over Z-Wave.

Now all features are compatible with the stock SmartThing Z-Wave and ZigBee device handlers

Door Lock Code Multi User Management with Notifications and Actions - Version 06.00.00

  • Compatible with the new SmartThings Z-Wave and ZigBee device handlers
  • Added support for running custom actions on Manual Unlocking and Manual Locking (with delayed actions option)
  • Code based locking (and actions) now works with the stock SmartThings Z-Wave and ZigBee device handlers

Lock User Management is the most reliable and comprehensive commercial grade User Management SmartApp with many (unique) features:

  • Unlimited users and locks
  • Works with the built in SmartThings device handler (Z-Wave and ZigBee)
  • Easy and intuitive setup
  • Sure-Programming engine: verifies that programming was successful
  • Support for different types of locks (keypad, bluetooth, RFID, etc)
  • Define custom individual Unlock AND Lock actions for users such as:
    • Exit delay actions (wait for X minutes before running actions)
    • Separate actions for Keypad and Manual locking/unlocking and per door actions
    • Running routines
    • Changing modes
    • Arming/Disarming SHM
    • Turning on lights if it’s dark outside
    • Turning on/off switches
    • Define rules when to run and not run actions
    • Notifications on type of lock/unlock (manual, code, keypad, bluetooth, rfid etc)
  • Define Door Open/Close actions such as
    • Automatically relocking the door when it’s closed
    • Automatically unlocking the deadbolt if it’s extended, while door is open
    • Ringing chimes when door is opened
    • Notifications if door is left open
    • Define actions for each door separately
  • Multiple types of users such as permanent, one time, expiration (start and end date/time), scheduled (daily/weekly etc) with multiple schedules per user, presence based, mode based and many more
  • Lots of built in safety mechanisms to ensure users have a reliable experience
  • and lots more…

Some examples of how folks are using this app:

  1. I give my landlord an access code for the lock but I want it disabled when I’m at home (presence based users)
  2. When my children are at home and the parents aren’t home, then allow the babysitter’s code to work (presence based users)
  3. When we’re away, allow my neighbor’s code to work (mode based users)
  4. I can schedule a code for my nanny with multiple schedules per day (morning and evening)
  5. I can program ahead for my vacation rental properties with a start and end date/time for my guests

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Will the Schlage app also be modified to use the stock Device Handler?

If you’re referring to the Schlage Lock Alarm Mode and Sensitivity Change and Monitor here, that’s a separate SmartApp that utilizes the specific features of the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave lock device handler which aren’t provided by the stock SmartThing device handler.

However, this Lock Code User Management SmartApp is now completely functional with the new stock Device Handler thanks to the patches and upgrades incorporated by ST into the Z-Wave and ZigBee handlers.

Can you remind me what the stock one is (zwave lock or zwave lock with codes or not any of those).