[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

You should report it to ST support. You’re right a malfunctioning sensor
can have unintended consequences. That’s the most basic function of the
platform is to report events accurately. It maybe a communication glitch
between the sensor and the hub. You should also check the sensor battery.

@RBoy I noticed in the live logging that the following comes up on the BE469:
12:35:54 PM: warn Unsupported device with MSR null
12:36:16 PM: warn Unknown device with MSR null, report it to developer
12:36:21 PM: debug "zw device: 0C, command: 9881, payload: 00 70 06 07 01 00 " parsed to null

Sensor is working fine. It’s the Things tab that is messed up. Things tab says it’s open. Select that sensor and the sensor says closed. Back to things and things now says its closed. It actually happens with other things as well. Like I said, not your app, but the two combined can have you leave doors unlocked and not knowing it.

I started with 5 seconds but found it sometimes takes 6-7 so now we use 10 seconds. It helps to turn on notifications on your phone as it will notify you when the alarm deactivates.

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That’s the issue, your lock isn’t reporting the MSR (so the DH can’t identify the features). Folks are noticing the issue after the recent firmware upgrade. The solution is to bring your lock closer to the hub and pair it again or click on refresh.

You should also report the null MSR issue here to @nastevens:

That is correct, the 468 does support enabling/disabling audio beeps (different feature from alarms)

The lock feature conversation is probably more appropriate on this thread:

Hi I have a BE469 and updated both your DH and multi user management smartapp. Everything works perfect except it won’t let me select “Chime/Ring”. It says “Ring this chime when door is opened. You can’t Currently add this”. Is this because I don’t have a “Chime” persay? I thought it would use the door’s audio to make the noise. Am I wrong in thinking that?

The BE469 has a built in beeper that can be configured to beep when there
is motion detected through the device settings. This can’t be triggered

The chime feature in the SmartApp refers to a device paired with
SmartThings that has the capability “tone”. These are specific devices that
you can buy and pair up with ST.

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I keep getting an in app notification to update the software-- how do i do that???

Download the latest code from the website. The instructions for updating the app are also given on our website under the Installation page.

Don’t forget to click refresh in case your browser is caching the old code.

Is there a way to make it alert only once or not at all? I have 6 Lock Installed and it’s annoying to hear 6 devices dinging 6 times. I still have 3 locks sitting in boxes too.

Is there a list of locks (brands/models) that can be remotely assigned a code?
Thank you.

As of Monday morning May 8, I all of a sudden stopped getting lock/unlock notifications even though I haven’t made any modifications to the SmartApp or lock since it was installed over 3 months ago. I just upgraded to the latest version, 05.05.01, but that didn’t fix the issue. I am however still seeing all other notifications such as battery percentage, codes being reset, added and then set, etc…

Any ideas?

Any Z-Wave or ZigBee lock (just need the right device handler), it’s been tested with Schlage, Monoprice, Yale, IDLock, Danalock, Kwikset (as for individual models it 100+ counted so far but they’re all variants of each other across multiple countries so as long as the main brand works, the models will also work).

Thank you.
I’m a big fan of your hard work, and purchased access in the past (under a different id).

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Had some cases where the door lock doesn’t accept the code so I had to use my phone to open and close. Strange!

This would typically indicate one of two things:

  1. The code length/digits doesn’t match the lock configuration
  2. There’s a communication reliability/z-wave mesh issue between the lock and hub, reboot the hub, do a z-wave repair and if needed add a active z-wave device between the lock and hub to strengthen the mesh

following from [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock, IDLock, DanaLock and August Lock Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features

I can see how to set a schedule, but how do i set a schedule that has a presence condition? the “… only when these people are NOT present” option seems to be linked to “Notify on use” - are you saying that it’s a general condition on the schedule, and not a condition only for the notification?

When you create actions for code locks/unlocks (either for a user or generally for all) you can specify the dependency of presence of users in the settings, ie. don’t run actions if XYZ users are present.
Schedules are the ability for folks to use the codes, you can just combine the two independently, set a schedule for a user and create a custom action for the user and set the don’t run actions if XYZ users are present.

In my testing, the actions trigger after the lock has opened (I.e. The completion of door lock opening event triggers the action, not the starting of the door lock opening event). I want to have the schedule block the code based on mode or presence.

Given the way ST work this is not an advisable strategy for a couple of reasons:

  1. Battery drain as people leave / arrive the code will added and removed constantly and this will drain the battery on the lock
  2. The top priority of the app is the quality/reliability, given the way the Z-wave mesh and ST works currently if the above point doesn’t create an issue the reliability will take a hit