[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Thank you for your response. That one, single function would be awesome! Mode change upon Expiry. I’ve tried the whole telling guests to remember to use an Exit code upon departure, but they can barely remember to close windows and close doors when they leave, let alone entering a code on the keypad to switch to ARMED mode. Sounds like you have something brewing … can’t wait to see!

Thanks again!!

###Multi User Lock Code Management with Notifications and Actions - Version 5.1.4

  • Added functionality to check for configured auto re-locks and open door notifications on mode changes

Recommend use the [Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock] ([RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung) device handler version 3.0.1 or newer for full SmartApp functionality

Thanks to DnCCrew for this step:

Set the hub Location for scheduled/expiry codes to work correctly, from smartphone app:

  1. Clicked on the 3 lines (top right corner)
  1. Clicked on gear icon (top right)
  2. Click area that says “Tap to set where home is on the map” and zoom in to correct location on map.

My Yale lock allows the door to lock when I press any button on the outside as I’m leaving. Does it transmit which button was pressed to the controller? It would be cool to assign different functions to different keys. For example pressing “1” turns off all lights, pressing “2” turns off all light except entryway light. etc. Thanks!

Yes some Yale locks do report codes and so do some Schlage locks. If you’ on the latest Universal Z-Wave Lock Device Handler and this SmartApp you can define actions for specific people locking with their respective codes.
The stock ST DH does not support these features.

Thanks for the reply- this is slightly different than you’re describing above. I have the lock set to extend the deadbolt when ANY single key is pressed, rather than by a full user code. I was hoping that perhaps the single key press is identified somehow…but that’s a long shot.

Unfortunately the lock doesn’t report that information.

the smart app does not disarm SHM or change modes after a user successfully unlocks with their code since the latest smartthings update. Even after the supposedly fix yesterday. is it working for anyone else?

nm it is working now. schlage lock low battery might have been the cause. but the battery showed 86%?

Having an issue with the auto lock after x minutes… It doesn’t work at all. Is this a known bug?

Everything else is working fine.

Yes, this is a ST communication/mesh issue. Most of the time just powercycling the hub and repair the z-wave network should solve the problem.

RBoy is there anyway with this smart app that if someone tried to tamper with the key pad pressing various codes that it could send me a text or turn on a light to scare them away?

I added this App first and then realized I did not want to control codes. So I removed via Phone and then added the user notification App. In Smartapps it continues to show this App and won’t allow me to delete it. It says that a user has it installed

If the lock supports sending tamper codes the SmartApp will report it to you via a text or push message. You can write a custom rule in CoRE to take an action when a tamper event is sent by the lock. You will need the Universal DH to get those tamper events.

Contact ST support. Try to force delete the SmartApp from the IDE under Location -> My Hubs -> SmartApps. Sorry it’s an ST issue. Never seen anyone not being able to delete a SmartApp


I got a very strange error message from the locks the other night. Any idea how this cold have happened?

I can’t imagine there is a hidden smoke detector in there. :slight_smile:

Have the Kwikset 910 must not have that ability I have a question to support about it as I can’t find in literature.
Also I have the Universal DH and when I go in CoRe to set it up it only has two options: locked and unlocked so I’m thinking it does not support taper codes. I wish I would have done more research on it before I bought it at Home Depot.
Other than late it works fine. If it turns out it does not support it what lock do you recommend that will work well with ST and your smartapps?

Hi There,

First off, fantastic service you guys offer so thanks very much for that!

I’d like to have my system arm and security camera’s activate as soon as the door is locked using the keypad, however I have a camera facing the exterior of that door so if the system arms while the person is standing in the doorway (after locking it from the outside), they trigger the motion alarm on the camera. Is there any way to set a delay so that a person has maybe 30 seconds or so to walk away before the system is armed?

Thanks in advance!

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What’s your lock model? Yes some locks do have fire detectors.

I have the Schlage 469. I don’t ever remember seeing that i had that, though.

I’ve posted some comparisons that we did of the various locks features, see is that helps you decide.