[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Have you had any more thought about adding a sonos text to speech notification? upon entering of a code valid or not?



:smile: yes and no
Yes I did look into, no haven’t had the time to integrate it (also thinking through the UI aspects). So essentially ANY door unlocked notification should be announced on the Sonos?
BTW didn’t ST disable this feature recently.

RBoy, have you heard of others getting their ST “Notifications” feed getting spammed with Lock Manager messages? I’m on the current SmartApp and ST 2.0.8 and my feed is filled with these messages.

Make sure you’re using my device handler, the stock ST handler has bugs in it causing the app to end up in a loop

Just updated and published your new 3.3 version. I’m checking it out now. Thanks!

On the request of users, I’ve created a replica of this App but without the code programming features. This app will provide all the notifications and actions functionality when a user unlocks the door but will use the manually programmed codes on the door (i.e. no user programming). See this for more details:

I have recently installed device handler and this app. Is it normal for the recent activity log to keep showing that a code has been set over and over again and also things like alarm sensitivity? This is an hour or so after the initial code set up. Thank u

There is a difference between being set and checking status. It’s normal for the app to check the status every five minutes or so.
Make sure you’re using my device type until ST fixes the stock device type. There’s a bug as noted in the first post which could end up having the smart app repeated send out programming codes because of the buggy ST device type.

I am pretty sure I am I loaded your device handler like sated in instructions. How don’t make sure it’s using it?

Dear community,
I am a new enthusiastic if this app whereby I am attempting to remotely control my aparthotel apartment with Schlage be469 connect camelot deadbolt.

The lock works really well with ST. Now, I wanted to create permanent codes and temporary code’s.

Although I have installed the custom device handler, I still see no codes pused ( see attached screens hot )

I will start with this prior to moving to other issues I have met. Any guidance is very welcome. I must admit I have started to read few of 369 posts but could not do it all. My apologies if issue is already dealt with

See the first post, your lock isn’t communicating with the hub. Try rebooting them both.

The lock works nicely with the hub. I mean it can lock / unlock / report status via the hub.

Reboot the hub and lock, try the troubleshooting instructions in the 1st post. Start from there to isolate the issue. It’s a communication issue, you just need to find where/why.

One issue is relating to scheduling function is spot by very reactive RBOY . I have written to support and let’s see what happens.

Next point u wanted to address was user friendliness . U have put maximum of 6 users = 4 permanent + 2 users codes which need to be changed daily. These guests leave always at 11:00 am next day say.

1-) would it be possible to use colour codes as to which user codes are effectively configured and acknowledged by lock ,againSt ones who are pending configuration so it is clerk which one is usable

2-) Date field : is there a possibility for it to be thumb friendly ( manual typing of yyyy-mm-dd is prone to error on mobile phone ). A calendar widget would be great

3-) configuration of user 6 forces scrolling down 7 or 8 times. Would it be possible ideally to habe a list of users and then after click , we get to the required user

Of course the above is dreamland. I totally value he effort. Just attempting to make it operational with my intensive use !

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Great ideas, my comments:

  1. ST does support colors AFAIK (yet)
  2. There no date option in ST yet hence the work around
  3. Yes can be done but will need to wait until ST fixes the submitOnChange bug otherwise the app will be completely useless for Android users (they won’t be able to open the page)

@rboy Could you copy or integrate something similar to this? https://www.hackster.io/aaronpk/auto-airbnb-entry-745799. His github: https://github.com/aaronpk/Auto-AirBnB-Entry

I’d pay for this!

If this was enabled, you could totally get on this list: https://www.airbnb.com/host-assist


Looks interesting but the code is already there so what do you need me to do?
BTW I don’t have any listings on ABnB so I don’t even know what those ICS files contains (start date? time? end date? time?)

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Strike that, got the format. Sounds like anyone can download the ICS files if you have the URL. Insecure.
But coming back, so you want the app to get your calendar and setup the schedule for the day and tear it down once it’s done. What do you assume would be the earliest check and latest check out? How do you handle overlaps? Are the details in calendar identical for all reservations (phone, start end dates emails etc)?

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Here’s the data in the ICS:

Event title:
Guest_First_Name Guest_Last_Name (6digitBookingID)
Event Description:
PHONE: +1 555 555 5555
EMAIL: guest@guest.airbnb.com
PROPERTY: Name of my property

If check-in was 8AM and checkout was 1PM that would be fine (I don’t enforce strict checkin/out times). A cool feature would allow me to choose times i guess? But honestly it doesn’t matter (to me) that much.

Overlaps also wouldn’t matter to me, because the lock can hold 2 or more codes simultaneously. Any overlap would be inconsequential.

Thanks for considering it!!


If this was enabled, you could totally get on this list: https://www.airbnb.com/host-assist

With regards to Airbnb, man, those other lock choices kind of suck! August requires a guest to download the app? Lame.

A streamlined sale of your app (with Airbnb+Homeaway integration), a ST hub, and the Schlage packaged together would sell really well IMO.