[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

got it now @RBoy

Version 3.2.0 - You can enter multiple phone numbers to send an SMS to by separating them with a ‘+’. E.g. 5551234567+4447654321

I just updated to 3.2.0 hoping this would fix a problem I’ve had but no luck. I set both the front and back door to notify if manually locked or unlocked while in Away or Night mode but never get the notifications. I tried using an SMS as well but received nothing. I have the live logging from the test if you need to see it.

Edit: It’s possible your ST phone app may be having issues, from your live logs it looks like the notifications are being sent to the ST server from the app. It’s just not reaching your phone. Same with SMS.
Also make sure that you’ve NOT enabled disable all notifications.

Already tried that. I enabled and disabled that just to be sure and no luck. I have only ever seen one jammed lock notification a while ago when I first installed the app.

Hi @RBoy,

I was not able to set passcode for slot 1. i choose a random slot (20) then I got it working.

I manually wipe all passcode on the lock and yet I can’t set on the first few slots.

any suggestions?

See the first post. That you’re able to set some slots as not others indicates a communication issue between the hub and lock.

You may want to reach out to ST support. It’s something specific to your hub/instance. The notifications are being sent to the platform but not reaching your phone.

Folks using the v2 hub, please note that there’s an issue with the v2 hub’s local processing which is causing the data to be out of sync for locally run devices. Note this SmartApp does NOT run locally, so no issues with the SmartApp itself BUT the Stock ST device handlers do run locally. So if you’re seeing random issues like missed notifications, app stuck in a loop - these are issues because of the locally run stock devices (e.g. Stock Z-Wave device running locally). ST is aware of it and working on a patch for the firmware but in the meanwhile there’s a simple fix:
Do NOT use the stock device handler, use a custom device handler. Custom device handlers run in the cloud which does not have this bug. So you can just copy the Stock Device Handler code from the IDE samples and create your own device handler and run it from there OR you can use the Z-Wave Lock device handler I’ve written (yes it’s say Schlage but it’ll work with all locks).
This is ONLY for v2 hub owners if you’re facing issues. If you aren’t great. It does NOT impact v1 hub owners or v2 hub owners who are running custom device handlers (those all run in the cloud).

EDIT: You can also turn enable the disable retry programming option in the SmartApp if you want to keep using the stock device handler but are seeing the app stuck in a loop until ST fixes the firmware (the programming works fine just that the device isn’t reporting it correctly)


Just installed the Open/Close sensor today on the door and finally configured your App. The first go-around was a complete failure, so by doing the research in this thread I decided to reset my lock to factory defaults, reboot the hub and start from scratch.

I installed the lock using your Device Type. I then configured the app with these settings:

  • Auto-Lock when closed (imediately) using my sensor

  • Unlock if locked while open

  • Max User Slots 3; I programmed names and codes respectively and set them to Notify and Permanent

  • I set the programming delay to 30 Seconds.

The results a bit sporadic and all over the place. All 3 codes have been programmed successfully. If I lock/unlock the door manually or by pushing the ‘Schlage button’ I receive a notification stating manual or electronic state change. Albeit the notifications take a bit to come through.

However, if I unlock the door by code, I only receive a notification about 25% of the time. However, my wife’s phone receives the notification about 90% of the time.

At the same time, the door simply will not auto-lock or auto-unlock based on the open/close sensor, no matter what I try. I did try to reboot the hub after the configuration.

Because of this, I disabled the app
s auto features and installed the 'Enhance Door Lock". Using this app, the door locks and unlocks itself at the specified intervals every time.

I would prefer to have your App manage everything so it’s all in one place and so I also receive notifications with user names vs “Code 1” etc. Any ideas on what may be going on? Do you need live logs while I try some of the above?

Any help is appreciated!

[EDIT] We literally posted the last two posts moments apart! With that said, again, everything I wrote above is while using your Z-Wave Lock Device Type on a v2 Hub (I’m assuming that’s the same as a device handler??).

What you’re describing about it working certain times and not others sounds like a communication issue between the hardware (either lock or sensor) and hub. If it’s coming a little delayed that’s again a ST platform delay issue. (Sometimes I wish ST never released the v2 hub).

Have you tried bringing your hub closer to the devices to test it?

Anyways, the way to figure out which one is having trouble communicating with the hub is to look at the live logging and see what notifications are reaching the hub, the App and what’s being sent back to the lock.

John this part you should definitely report to ST support, the platform is dropping or delaying notifications and your live logs will help them get the bottom and fix it. It isnt’ something the SmartApp can workaround. It calls the API to send the notifications after which it’s over to the cloud.

Folks there are some issues with the Stock ST Z-Wave Device Type Handler, ST is looking into it but in the meanwhile I would recommend using my custom Z-Wave Device Type handler for a more reliable experience until ST fixes the issues.

thanks @RBoy

using the newest device handler for schlage and removing the unneeded tiles makes the app work again on hub v2. no reason to use the stock device type anymore I don’t think.

kwikset 914

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Just adding to the note from @isriam that the new device type does indeed fix the issue of an infinite loop of code-setting. Thanks @RBoy.

Is there a way to use the multi user code unlock app to program a code that runs a routine and one that does not. It seems any routine or action that I use applies to all the codes I setup.


That’s right, right now it’s the same routine for all codes. It’ll become overly complex from a UI perspective.

I totally understand, however - I’m looking to do routines based on lock codes coming in and have sadly moved to lock code manager - ([Depricated] Lock Code Manager), which doesn’t do the other auto notifications.

The specific use case is:
Dog walker code used -> go to “Dog walker arrived” - which disarms, and such.
Dog walker mode -> Re-arms after no motion for 60 minutes.

Okay here you go, took some time to figure out how to keep the UI simple.

Version 3.3.0
Added support for user specific unlock actions (if defined, they will override any general unlock actions defined on the first page)

Wow, thank you so much! :slight_smile: Another donation coming along - so much appreciated!

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