[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Cant’ say depends upon how much customization has been done to it. This app is designed to work with the stock z-wave device for maximum compatibility. There are literally dozens of device types floating around (including what I’ve written) and I can’t really say one is better than another. Each one if designed specifically for something hence the broadest compatibility is the stock device (my custom Schlage device I can say that I’ve retained stock compatibility, fixed a few bugs and added more features so it’ll work as well as the stock). You can always try it out.

You do know that you can manually assign different device types codes to different devices under My devices right? So Device A can run X and Device B can run Y (doesn’t matter if they are the same model or different models)

RBoy, I am using the Lock Multi User Management SmartApp. It seems like everything is working properly, but what is causing it to re-request to add permanent codes for users? Seems like every 12 hours or something, it will go through and re-request to add users again. Not sure what’s going on.

Hmm not sure if your confusing checking for permanent users status andif they need to be added with re adding it. Once successfully programmed it won’t re add but will constantly check on its status which is what you maybe seeing in the logs. That’s again an internal routine with debug messages, not really sending anything to the lock so don’t worry about the battery. However if you’re using a scheduled code then it will delete and add the codes based on the scheduled defined. You can send me the logs from the IDe and I’ll check it out

It says: Requesting Door 1 to add permanent code Name3 to user 3. Requesting Door 1 to add permanent code Name 2 to user 2. etc. I’m not sure how to provide logs from the IDE. I am not using any scheduled codes, just permanent codes. I’m not sure if it is having trouble adding the codes or if it’s the debug routine. Is there any way I can prevent it from creating these messages?

In the screen where you add SmartApp and SmartDevice is a link called Live logging, there you can get the message and filter by device or smart app. You’ll have to filter by this Smart App AND then by the Lock device (to see what’s going on) and send me the logs for both. If you’re seeing an Info message like the one you said above then your lock isnt’ either accepting the programming or isn’t reporting the success back to ST. The message will stop on it’s successful. You may want to check basic things in the first post to ensure you’ve set it up correct (including PIN length - it MUST match or the lock wont’ program)

FYI not sure if this helps but I noticed similar behavior with some locks in the lab. I rebooted the hub and reset the lock (remove battery and reinsert it) and problem solved, it programmed perfectly on the first try with no repeats. Try it out and see if it helps. The only reason it’ll retry is if the lock doesn’t report a successful program (which is an indication of communication issue and rebooting the hub is best way to resolve that!)

@RBoy I’m running into the same thing that @ModestMuse is. Every 5 minutes, it’s sending all codes to both of my Schlage door locks. This started with 3.0 of the app. I’ve tried rebooting the hub, rebooting the lock, removing and re-adding the smartapp, and re-arranging the order of the users, to no avail.

Z-wave communication is working, I get instant updates in the app when I manually lock/unlock the door. I’m happy to get you logs, but don’t know if you want them here or via PM.

Just PM them please to avoid cluttering. Device and smart app live logging would be great.

v3.1.2 - Put in a warning message if multiple users share the same code. Some locks don’t support programming multiple slots/users with the same code.

New to Smart Things. I have a deadbolt and have successfully connected it to my hub (v 2.0). This gives me limited control. I’d like implement the functionality above but I have no idea where to start. Do you know of a guide that will help me get started coding? Many thanks in advance!

My 2 cents, go back to v1 - it’s more stable for now. v2 is still very experimental. Sorry slightly off topic.
You can refer to documentation for writing smart app at http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/getting-started/overview.html

Thanks for the info!

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mine requested and added user codes every minute all day long. finally i rebooted the lock, removed a scheduled user, and repaired zwave and it seems to have stopped running constantly.


Thanks for the App! Just donated the $10 for access. I am interested in the code management, however I’m slightly confused. When using the code management app, am I supposed to use the stock ST device type for my Schlage Camelot (BE469) or do I use your Schlage Z-Wave device type?

The SmartApp is designed to work with the stock Z-Wave device, however with v2 hubs there may be a firmware bug in the hub which may cause some users to get into a programming loop. The ST engineers are looking into it so in the meanwhile to be safe you can use my device type to be on the safe side until the issue is resolved.

Just for clarity, my customized device type will work for ALL Z-Wave locks (it’s based off the stock ST Z-Wave device type with some added bells, whistles and bug fixes) and will offer additional features for Schlage locks. I.e it will work with Yale, Kiwkset, Monoprice etc and with Schlage you get the regular features plus some more.


I have Schlage Camelot and I just installed this SmartApp however I have 2 question.

What are the difference between User Slot Code and User Passcode?

Thanks in advance.

The lock has X users it can program, each user has a slot (e.g. 1 to 20) and each slot can hold a passcode (4,6 or 8 digit as configured on the lock)

So If i’m trying out the single user code i just leave Passcode with X and enter the Slot number to unlock door, am I correct?

?? You select the slot you want and enter the password for that slot. Now when you enter with that passcode on the door lock it will unlock the door.

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