[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

There are a couple of different places you can view the user history, some are controlled by SmartApps, some by the DTH and others by SmartThings. Here’s a summary:

  1. Device Event History -> Open the individual lock/device page in the ST app and at the bottom click on the History tab. This is where the device/DTH (stock or enhanced) logs the messages, SmartApps like LUM/RLA cannot log messages here. A key point to note here, there’s a separate ST service that’s responsible for showing this event history here. Sometimes this server takes time to catch up for some users so it can take anywhere from a few minutes to few days to show up depending on how the service is performing. It can help to “pull down” on the history page to force an update in some cases. That’s why it started showing up by itself after a few days. It’s not related to the DTH but to the event history service. Another known issue with this page in the new app is that it doesn’t display the name of the user or the source (keypad, manual etc) used to lock/unlock. SmartThings is aware of it and hopefully it’ll be fixed in future. (click image to enlarge)
  2. In-App Usage dashboard -> This feature is currently only available in the Rental Lock Automater (RLA) app which has a Usage History page. (click image to enlarge)
  3. History page (Device events) -> On the ST mobile app click the Hamburger menu and then click on History. This shows all the device events reported by the DTH (the same events you see in option 1 above). Here you can filter by devices, this is also subject to the same event history service in option 1. No SmartApps can log messages here, only DTH’s. (click image to enlarge)
  4. Messages page (SmartApp notifications) -> On the ST mobile app click on the Hamburger menu and then click on Messages. This shows all the messages logged by SmartApps. So this is where LUM logs it’s messages. Every time you get a Push or SMS notification from LUM, a copy of it is logged in SmartThings and can be accessed from this page. This is the only place where SmartApps like LUM and RLA can log messages. No devices/DTH’s can log messages here. (click image to enlarge)

TLDR; there are different sources of history, some from DTH’s, others from SmartApps. Be sure to read the above to see the differences and how they work.