[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

awesome thx. but it uses on the custom DTH? so when Samsung implements phase 3, it might be gone. man this sundown thing really affects a lot of stuff

Hi there. We’re continually working with SmartThings to keep our SmartApps and Device Handlers up to date with the latest changes. A couple of quick notes:

  • LUM and RLA work with the stock Z-Wave Lock and ZigBee Lock device handlers
  • The Universal Enhanced Z-Wave lock DTH is optional but recommended since it gives you access to more lock features and also fixes bugs with the stock DTH’s and has workarounds for defects in some lock firmwares as explained here.

sounds good! thx for replying

quick question. i have two Schlage smart locks and i currently have two separate LUM’ s configured. one for each lock. am i doing this the right way or i should be able to configure LUM to use both locks?


Hey there. LUM is very flexible and can be used any way depending on your preference. If you want to synchronize the same codes across all locks then you can use a single instance and select all the locks on the main page (infact you can even select a subset of those locks on the individual user pages if you want to limit a some users to specific locks), or you can setup difference instances of LUM for different locks. The only point to keep in mind is that one lock should only be controlled by a single app to avoid programming conflicts.

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Lock User Management (LUM) - Version 07.13.10

  • (New) Added support for WiFi/cloud devices (Meross garage door controllers, etc)

Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a beaming device for the best experience (the beaming device should be between the hub and the lock for maximum effectiveness).

Optional: Use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock device handler for an enhanced experience.

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I just noticed in the app that when I go to manage users, next to each of them it says the lock “IS CONFIGURED TO ACCEPT 0 DIGIT CODES ONLY. PROGRAMMING WILL FAIL.” I haven’t changed any settings, codes, etc. recently so I’m not sure how long that message has been there. What do I need to do?

UPDATE: The 0 digit warning message has been in fixed in 07.14.00

I only have the one lock and I’m using the latest version of Lock User Management and Universal Enhanced Z-wave lock.

I just tried enabling a disabled user with a 4-digit code and it worked. However, it still has the same message that it only accepts 0 digit codes.

Hi Maddie -

Does this mean I can control a Schlage Wi-fi lock now?


I only had the issue once I added a Kwikset 912 in addition to 910. I had to manually force the 912 to use the RBoy app lock device driver in the Smartthings IDE.

Hey there. The 07.13.10 release added the ability to control WiFi devices via custom user actions. These devices are C2C integration for the new platform/app such as the Meross WiFi Garage door controller.

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ST are about to pull the Classic app and as a consequence “SmartLocks”.
As i am in the UK and over 4,000 miles from my property i am wholly dependant on SmartLocks to manage my Schlage Z-Wave lock. Since UK users are not getting the Smart Lock Guest Access app i am going to need to get RBoy LUM.
I have used SmartLocks without issue for 18 months whilst the Z-Wave route is direct HUB<>LOCK, only about 12 feet away.
In the Covid environment i am not going to get to my property any time soon, so, the questions are, -

  • Can i install LUM without any need to physically ‘touch’ the Lock or ST-Hub?
  • As the lock has worked fine for 18months without a separate buffering device, can it continue when LUM replaces SmartLocks ?


LUM works in all countries and yes it can be installed completely remotely if your locks are already paired to the hub.
LUM itself doesn’t have anything to do with buffering devices. If SmartLocks is working so will LUM. Just keep in mind, before uninstalling SmartLocks, be sure to delete all your users from SmartLocks and then install LUM. This is because some locks do not accept repeat programming so it’s safest to start with a clean slate. If you forgot to “clear” your codes before installing LUM, not an issue, we’ve provided you an option to do that also. See the LUM FAQ page for the Clear Codes Procedure.
Buffering devices help if the mesh is losing packets which is why we generally recommend it. SmartLocks does very little with locks, LUM has a ton more features (including the Sure programming engine© which tries to detect and compensate for packet loss) and to use them all it’s recommended to have a strong mesh for the best experience.

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Hi there, I’m having exactly the same problem (max codes reported as one on yale zigbee module), I’ve alread tried a few DHTs without any success. Have you find any solution for this bug? Any help will be awesome.

Hi there, I’m having exactly the same problem (max codes reported as one on yale zigbee module), I’ve alread tried a few DHTs without any success (like: ST ZigBee lock, Universal Enhanced ZigBee Lock…). Could you help me with this “special ZigBee Lock DHT” that you mention before?

Please add ability to disarm home security monitor and to run automations.

I wouldn’t expect that anytime soon because it isn’t a Smartapp issue. ST hasn’t exposed STHM to be able to do what SHM did in Classic.

Create a virtual switch or use a real switch to turn on/off to trigger an automation to arm or disarm STHM. That’s what I and several others do.

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Late response, but this worked like a charm. Thank you!

what is the logical way to do this?
i can create a virtual switch in the IDE and then create two automation, if virtual switch is on/off then arm/disarm and run scene.
then do i modify my goodbye/i’m back automations to use the virtual switch?