[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

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Works perfectly thanks!

Hello, I have a problem with the “delay running action”. I set it to 1minute but “change mode to” execute immediately and it don’t wait the 1 minute exiting delay before switching the mode. I use a Centralite 3400 Zigbee Wireless Keypad.
I check an I run the last version of the app and all rboy device handler.

Hi RBoy, I need to integrate the Kaadas K9 with my Smartthings and get codes for each user in the house. Is it possible to do so with your App and device handlers??

It should work, that model supports 10 pin codes and according to the specs it should work with the Enhanced device handler and LUM app to program the pin users. We haven’t specifically tested that model so I can’t confirm if the fingerprint users are reported over z-wave or not. You can always PM me or send our support desk an email. Also it looks like that model may not send notifications about which user was used to unlock the door.

@RBoy & @maddie:

As a long-suffering and recently liberated Vera user (from 2008!), discovering and implementing your lock solution just made me… happy.

Elegant, simple and resilient (re-tries programming! with clear comms!). Schlage, Kwiksets, all worked flawlessly.

Seriously, thank you :pray: .


Thank you for sharing this @milandjurovic71, adding a few details for the community.

How to use LUM to arm/disarm new STHM using virtual switches and Automations

Virtual Switches:

Create 3 virtual switches in the IDE -> My Devices -> + New Device ->

  • Name & Device network id: STHM Arm Away , Type: Virtual Switch
  • Name & Device network id: STHM Arm Stay , Type: Virtual Switch
  • Name & Device network id: STHM Disarm , Type: Virtual Switch


Create these 3 automations using the new ST app:

Configuring LUM to arm/disarm STHM

  • To arm STHM when locking via a keypad, select the STHM Arm Away virtual switch under Lock/Unlock Actions -> Keypad lock actions -> Turn on switch(s)
  • To disarm STHM when unlocking via a keypad, select the STHM Disarm virtual switch under Lock/Unlock Actions -> Keypad unlock actions -> Turn on switch(s)

TIP: If you’re configuring a keypad, you’ll see Away/On button actions and Stay/Partial buttons actions links in the Keypad lock actions page. You can use these links to trigger the STHM Arm Away and STHM Arm Stay switches separately based on the arming mode button you select on the keypad.

NOTE: The ADT options should only be used if you have a SmartThings ADT hub. It is not used for arming/disarming STHM.

How to configure a Two Way Synchronization between STHM and a Keypad

[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler


Lock User Management (LUM) - Version 07.11.00

  • Now you can create an action to toggle a switch when locking or unlocking via a keypad

This is helpful if you’re using LUM with a Keypad and a switch like a garage door opener or light where you need to have the same user code (unlock or lock) toggle it’s state.

Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a buffering device for the best experience (the buffering device should be between the hub and the lock for maximum effectiveness).

Optionally you can use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock or the Universal ZigBee Lock device handler for a more customized lock experience.

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Hi, payment was done already and your Smart App is abling me to generate different codes for each user. I don’t know hoy to link the fingerprint to each user?? Thanks

SmartThings doesn’t support direct fingerprint programming at this time. However if your lock reports fingerprint usage over Z-Wave, you can use the sister app to take actions based on which fingerprint was used as explained here:

Hi, thanks for thee clarification.

I have another doubt, I’m using your Smart App for Zwave locks and I have 2 users within my house. When one of such users unlock the door I can’t see the register about that, I mean, I can’t see if user 1 (Danny) or user 2 (Yessy) unlocked the door, it appeared as “manual unlock only” How can I see the register of who is the person unlocking the door?

Thanks again

It could be either because the stock device handler isn’t processing it or because your lock isn’t sending that information over zwave. If you’re using the Enhanced Z-Wave lock device handler, send me a PM and I can look at the logs to see what your lock is sending over z-wave.

I just installed a Schlage Connect BE469NX yesterday (Wink convert) and looking at the logs, LUM is constantly making user code changes? Is this right?

It’s continued into this morning per the logs.


I’m new on here. Just came over from Wink. Like what I’ve seen so far with ST. I bought LUM and installed it. I have a question or two. I apologize if I’m not in the right area. I have not been able to reset/remove the old codes that I had programmed in pre-wink and wink era… I’ve tried the reset code from RBoy description, but it hasn’t worked. I have the old codes and new test code I’ve entered. Both work. Any problem with just leaving the old ones and adding the new ones with the LUM app? Last question is I pushed forward last night. I entered all my codes through LUM into my lock. All went ok except for four. I’ve tried changing position, deleting and re-entering without any luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi there Eman. Welcome to the community! I see that you’re experiencing intermittent programming which is typically caused by mesh issue. This FAQ (2nd post) should explain what’s going on and how to resolve it: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

@Skates, what you’re are debug messages showing the last reported programming status from the lock. In the logs you will also see a yellow warning message which explains what those messages mean since this a common question from folks looking into the logs.

I’ll root around to find the messages. I do have probably at least 10 hardwired ge z wave switches and ge Z wave plugs all within 10-12 feet of the lock and the. Probably from the switches to the hub is another 10 feet. I thought in a z wave environment they acted as repeaters. I was on wink for at least 6 years and no problems with coding or locking unlocking. Everything was seen.

I’ve been trying to set a new code tonight and am getting an error message when opening the SmartApp:

“Processing…” and then “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again.”

Opened in ST Classic and I get this message: “Something’s Wrong: We can’t load your screen right now.”

I updated to the latest version of the app, same issue. I installed a new instance of the app, and it worked fine until I increased the number of codes to 25 and then selected all locks. Then the new instance of the app froze and became unresponsive, then after restarting the ST app also started throwing this error.

Please help, I need to set a code for use tomorrow and I’m stuck and not sure what to do. Thank you.

@RBoy I am unable to open the SmartApp. Not sure if it is related to the latest update, but when I try to open the app inside ST Classic, I get the “Something’s Wrong” error. Looking at the logs, I have this error showing up:

What’s next to solve the issue?

Love the app - use it CONSTANTLY for the nurses that come to our house. I also have it set to open the garage door for a couple of codes as well for when nurses bike to our house and want to go through the garage. It’s so cool!

Yes we also noticed it, it’s not specific to this app. Apparently there some update to ST yesterday which has broken many apps and DTHs. It looks like a bug in the platform and things should start working as soon as it’s fixed. You can track it here.

UPDATE: ST has fixed the platform issue and things should be back to normal. If you’re having an issue try to uninstall/reinstall the app or feel free to PM me.

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You asked us so here it is:

Lock User Management (LUM) - Version 07.12.00

  • Presence based users now have the option to automatically lock and unlock the door in additional to activating / deactivating the user code when all the presence activation conditions (who’s present and who’s not) are met.

Especially for folks with the new app, you can now automatically lock and unlock your doors when you leave or arrive.

Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a buffering device for the best experience (the buffering device should be between the hub and the lock for maximum effectiveness).

Optionally you can use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock or the Universal ZigBee Lock device handler for a more customized lock experience.

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