[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

RBoy - Is there a way to leverage the “announcement” function on the Alexa enabled devices when making notifications such as a lock being jammed, etc? I see that you can use the notification option and select which devices you want it sent to however when an audio notification is being sent it appears it is being played across the devices in succession instead of simultaneously. Also, would it be possible to include in the app the ability to replace the hard coded (device name) “is jammed” message with a custom message if desired? I apologize if these questions have been asked already. I did a search and did not see anything but I am a rookie to this so I may have missed a previous conversation.

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Hi @RBoy,

Would this still be the case if there is only just the single lock on the hub? the hub is as suggested pretty close to the lock (as I had no problem pairing it initially).


Hi there. I have added your request to allow custom messages to our list to our feature request queue.


Hi @RBoy,

I have just moved onto ST and have the Yale Conexis Lock (UK Euro Lock). Would I still benefit from your smartapp? As it does not have codes and cannot lock automatically unless the handle has been pulled up (and then it locks at this point anyway…)

Interested in your views and the features you may think would still be beneficial.


Thank you Maddie

Hi there. If your lock doesn’t support a keypad or remote programming but it does reporting usage information like RFiD card slots or user slots you may want to check out the LUM sister app which does everything LUM does except programming the codes. If you want to create automations around when rfid card/user slots were used to lock or unlock the door it may be useful: [RELEASE] Lock User Unlock/Lock Door Notifications and Actions
This will work if your lock reports that information over zwave. You may need to use the enhanced zwave lock device handler to capture and process that information.

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Hi Maddie,

Sounds good. I’ve had a look at your website and it seems you need to buy everything to only use the one app, is this correct?

one time fee for all the smartapps and device handlers.

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Can this app be updated so that it relooks the door after the last time it was opened…

If I set the timer at 60 minutes, open the door at 1:00 pm and then come in at 1:50 pm and then go back out at 1:55 and then try to come in at 2:05 the door will be locked. The cron job (assuming) doesn’t get canceled and replaced with the last opening event.

Guests frequently get locked out at social events… not acceptable.

@maddie My way of using LUM to arm/disarm new STHM is by using virtual switches, and new Automations to match old SHM


and LUM example:
and it does work, just extra steps.


That’s how it works, it resets the timer every time the door is closed. Likely the door sensor didn’t register that the door was closed or the door didn’t close completely for the sensor to register for the timer to reset. It also has a built in safety check, it will not initiate a door relock if the door sensors latest reported state is open when the relock timer expires.
Your situation sounds more like a door sensor/mesh issue.

Very impressed! I got this to manage a Yale lock on an AirBNB property and it works so well. Saves me so much hassle. In fact, I think I’m going to upgrade to the Rental Lock Automator because if it works as seamlessly as this one it’s well worth the money.


I’m not able to get my lock to work this way, the door always unlocks even if I don’t set Unlock as a custom action. Other custom actions seem to trigger correctly.
Is there anything I could be missing? This functionality is the main reason I got these apps :neutral_face: Lock is a Yale YRD226

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s a way to associate an rfid with a user?

Hi there. If you have a lock which uses RFID fobs and it relays that information over Z-Wave you may want to see the LUM sister app, Lock/Unlock actions. It’s has the same features as LUM but without code programming and is designed for locks which only report user information. You may need to use the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler for your lock.

@maddie Just purchased/installed LUM. Love the flexibility and options it will offer, but cannot get it set up. It shows in New ST app under SmartApps. I set up the locks, and tried to set up Users. In the past 11 hours I’ve received over 450 notifications of:

  • Requesting door to add user xxxx
  • Confirmed user was added
  • Confirmed user was deleted
  • Door failed to add user

I assume my ‘buffering device’ is not sufficient(?)… I have ZWave switches (a few) within 20 feet of the locks. Before I pull the locks off the doors and try in other locations around the house, is there something else I can try? And if I go through the hoops of uninstalling physical locks, moving them somewhere else, setting them up, reinstalling into doors… will the SmartApp function properly in the future, or do I need to find new devices to act as buffering devices and keep them permanently near the locks? Thx

Hi there. It looks like you have more than one app programming the same lock causing a conflict. One is adding while the other is deleting causing it go into a loop of adding and deleting the users. You may want to reset your lock, remove all connected apps and only install one instance if LUM. You can find more details on the LUM FAQ page.

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@maddie, thanks again! Making progress - I uninstalled Lock Manager from ST, logged out of ST Classic app and only used the New ST app, I factory reset both locks, removed & reinstalled RBoy LUM and set up new user codes. LUM now shows all users in GREEN. All good to this point, but now seeing some wonky behavior:

  1. I have Global notifications set (haven’t played with individual custom notifications) but I’m not receiving any notifications. I do have the ‘Notify On Use’ sliders ON.
  2. One user who should not be unable to use ‘Front Door’ lock IS able. Same user should only be able to use (shed door) lock when house in VACANT mode, but this code works while in HOME mode, on both doors.
  3. Another user is setup same as #2 above, but this code will NOT work while house is in HOME mode (so this one is working properly).
  4. 3 users are supposed to be able to control ‘Shed Door’ freely, but none of these 3 codes are working (although showing GREEN in the app)
  5. ‘Shed Door’: One of the codes that is supposed to work but doesn’t, will give a beep when I try… however another code that is supposed to work but doesn’t will NOT beep when I try.

Can you help me with these? Thanks so much for assistance!

Is there a log of activity by user (locking, unlocking, etc.)?

Hi there. I’ve responded to your email, it looks like you were using an incompatible device handler with your lock. If you have any questions feel free to email us.

@uber2k the activity logs can seem in the SmartThings app notifications/messages page.
If you’re using Rental Lock Automater (RLA) it has dedicated page to review the user activity. You can more details on this page.

A quick note folks who’re switching from other lock management apps. Please check that you uninstall all third party custom device handlers from the IDE/lock before installing LUM or RLA.
LUM and RLA work with the stock SmartThings lock device handlers “Z-Wave Lock”, “ZigBee Lock” and our “Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock” device handler.
NOTE that “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” is not a compatible device handler.

If ever in doubt, just delete all custom device handlers, exclude and re-pair your lock and SmartThings will automatically pick the correct device handler for your lock.