[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

You need a compatible Text to Speech audio notification device like a Sonos or Echo Speaks (Alexa) paired to your hub to announce the notifications.

Yes, you’ve done it correctly, the door sensor is optional. Please ensure that your lock is within 20 ft of a buffering device to ensure that commands don’t get lost in the mesh. Locks are very sensitive to this.

If you’re using the new RLA SmartApp we have added a page to view the last 7 days of user code and lock usage history per lock.
If you’re using LUM you can currently find this information in 3 place outside the app

  • If you’ve got SmartLocks installed, then in the History page your can see this information
  • If you’re using the Classic ST app, then open the lock page under My Home → Things, click on your lock, click on Recently and you’ll find the history of the usage
  • Open the Notifications (Classic) or History (new) page in your ST app and you’ll find the notifications there (it will be from all the apps and not just LUM)