[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

So far tested with Schlage, Yale, Kiwkset and Monoprice. If anyone else has any other working locks please let me know.

On request: Added support to run a Phrase and change the Mode when a user successfully unlocks the door. (manually or with a code).

Fixed an issue, dont’ run Phrase or change mode on manual unlock

Just a few points to note after the platform upgrade last week:

  1. Just reinitialize the app if you find things aren’t working
  2. Sometime while copy pasting the code the new IDE appears to be skipping some code which creates an error while saving. If you’re facing this issue, just recopy and repaste the code again and report it to ST as well so they can investigate the IDE issue.

I’m looking for all of the functionality n this thread along with notification of alarm w/schlage locks.

Do your apps and/or device types support alarm trigger notification?

These are 2 separate things, this app works with any programmable lock to set/schedule codes.
What you’re looking for is a device type for your Schlage lock (likely 469BE) that allows you to use the Alarm feature. Use the device code we’ve written here for that.

This is helpful for new folks who are facing issues with programming the user codes (either no programming or partial programming taking place). I’ll also include this in the first post on top for future reference.

General Troubleshooting Tips
The programming to user codes is a communication between the Hub and the Lock. If there is an issue with the programming it’s because of communication issues between the lock and hub and you can use the below step to troubleshoot it. Please remember that Z-Wave is generally a slow high latency network with VERY limited distance. Multiple factors can affect the performance and stability of a Z-Wave network including distance between the hub and Z-Wave devices, location of “active” Z-Wave repeater devices, walls/objects (reflections) in between, the order in which the “active” repeater devices can online and registered with hub (yes this is a factor too!) etc.

  1. Restart the ST hub (unplug and replug it, not a reboot). This resolves 50% of issues
  2. Change the programming delay in the SmartApp (on the first page at the bottom, last option). The default is 15 seconds between codes, some folks have success with 5, some with 10, some with 20 and some with 30. This number depends on a variety of factors (listed in the para above including distance, type, order, location etc). It will vary for EACH user and EACH lock sometimes depending upon your setup. Experiment and see what works!. This resolves another 45% of issues.
  3. If the gap between the hub and lock is too much it may not be able to reliably communicate. Try to bring your hub closer or install a “active” Z-Wave repeater device in between them.
  4. Click on repair Z-Wave network in the Hub utilities (through your ST smartphone or the IDE). This can help reconfigure the network to take care of active devices which came online and are “out of order” and helps optimize the network. This can take 10-15 minutes while the hub reconfigures and optimizes the Z-Wave network.


This reminds me of an old “IT Support” trick:

If you ask someone to make sure that their computer is plugged in, they usually won’t check, but insist that it is. So, IT folks often would go into some (fictional) story about how resetting the power can fix problems… They’d suggest UNPLUGGING the computer, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in. This allowed “fixing” an unplugged computer without embarrassing the person who didn’t bother to check it to begin with. (Of course, there are other issues which actually can be worked around by cycling power… but those aren’t nearly as interesting.)

(No, I’m not saying that the post I’m replying to is the same… only that it reminds me of it.)

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I’m having an issue where I don’t seem to be getting notifications for the second (of three) codes I put in. Any ideas on what might cause that ? Or any ideas on how i can fix it?

Try changing the programming delay interval in the first page settings. Also another user reported this recently.

Thanks for the tip. I played with different delays from 5 to 60 seconds. I don’t think that was the issue.

I went through a trouble-shooting routine by reinstalling the code on IDE, then reinstalling the app with a new setup. When users were set up as permanent, app flowed smoothly through all assigned slots with add and delete commands. When any user was set up as scheduled with a timeframe that was not currently active, app sent add and delete commands only through that user, then hung indefinitely on the scheduled user where it should instead be throwing up a “User X is outside operating schedule …” Once the app hung on this user slot, the error was not recoverable even if the user was changed to permanent, deleted entirely, etc.

On a third reinstall, I switched to a different device and finally found a working instance. I’m not sure what could be happening here unless the hub is somehow having transcription errors from IDE or device to the hub. Very odd.

Anyway, given that this is resolved it probably doesn’t help you much but I thought I would throw it out there for posterity. If anyone else reported something like this maybe we could revisit and try to find a common thread.

Thanks again for good work on this app.

Is it possible to change the notification of a manual unlock to be only during certain modes like away day or away night? don’t need to be notifications every time I unlock a door from the inside.

Good point, I also faced the same issue, let me see how best to implement it.

Okay new version released with new features one bug fix:

  • After yesterday’s platform update the Mode change did not happen after an unlock. After you update the code, MAKE SURE you RESELECT the mode you want to change to after an unlock (if was set earlier)

New Features

  • Added option to select modes to be notified of manual unlocks
  • Added options to turn on and turn off switches/lights when a user unlocks the door
  • Phrases are not routines inline with V2 hub terminology, so you can run routines
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I just moved from Nexia to ST V2 and was missing the notifications of which codes were being used to unlock the door. Thank you for this app and how to add to my setup, it was well worth the contribution.

One question, when you update the app, is it automatic on my end or do I need to get the new code from your website?

Thanks again!

You need to get the code manually and don’t forget to reinitialize the app/settings after you update.

ALSO Added support to get notifications for Lock

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Sorry for the newb question but what exactly are the steps to reinitialize the app/settings? On my hub management screen, does that mean save and publish? Thanks for the help!

After publishing open the app on your phone and walk through the settings and then hit done

Awesome, thank you for the quick reply!

Can I request a feature where the lights will turn on at a specific time range when the door is unlocked?

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Thanks for adding the lock notifications! :slight_smile: