[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

@RBoy I changed over to your enhanced DH this morning and finally had success getting the codes loaded! Do I need to keep using your enhanced DH or can I now switch back to the stock DH? I ask because I really don’t use many of the advanced features and I would prefer my lock run locally. If I can switch, do I need to reset the codes or will they stay?

Couple of issues:
I also noticed the lock isn’t updating SmartThings as quickly as I tested several of my codes and I only have one unlock event and it currently doesn’t show locked even though it is. Any ideas there?

I have two locks a BE468 and a BE469 and noticed the devices look differently in the iOS app. Is that supposed to happen? What’s interesting is the BE468 shows audio options even though it doesn’t have the alarm feature and the BE469 doesn’t show the alarm. See screenshots below.