[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

Need Help ASAP.

Lock manager used to work on my SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt by Kwikset. Lock manager was a little finicky. Also, I just got an addition lock. Yale with Z-wave Module. The Smarthing Lock Code app doesn’t work for both. I logged onto my smarthing dev, did something. Now, nothing works. Is there a way to start fresh? I think i clicked them all and clicked update… they were under obselete. They are now all gone. nothing worked. I want to delete everything and start fresh. Any new instructions? Help please!

I’m currently using SmartApp LockManager to manage the 7 or 8 locks in the House. Works fine. 30 slots/users have full time access.

On only one lock, I Would like to have 3 or 4 different access schedules during the week.
For example,
slots 1-15 have 7x24 access
On Monday slots 16-30 have access from 8-5
On Tuesday slots 16-30 have access from 9a-10p
On weds thru Sunday slots 16-30 have access from noon to 6:30

Multiple copies of the app cause conflict. I tried one copy of app for mon another for tues, etc but all users end up,disabled
Tried granting access according to ST Mode, but is not reliable for multiple users. It takes at least 15 min for the lock to confirm code change. Hub mode changes don’t trickle down to the lock 45 min or more.

Anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance

Is this compatible with the Smart Home Connect system?

Hi, is there any way to disable a code if the presence sensor detects someone is home? Here is the use case - I give a code to a realtor so they can show my house, but I don’t want that code to work if my wife or I are home.

I’m stuck! After installing the apps and selecting the DTH, I go to My Devices and nothing shows up? Any suggestions!

Make sure you are logging in @ https://account.smartthings.com

I got past it, thanks! Everything installed and working now. It’s GREAT! One question, is there a way to bulk delete all user codes…? I had one code “stick”, the code was usable and working 5-10 minutes after I deleted the user, I had to physically delete the codes from the Schlage front keypad. Would like the ability to bulk delete codes (as a security measure) and then remotely send a fresh code.

I downloaded and installed Lock Manager, program was working fine for 2 days. However now today on the app the lock shows unavailable (on classic app). When I log in to the samsung account it shows the lock is offline. What has caused this?

My “hello home” phrases aren’t triggering any longer with code entry. Started happening a couple months ago. I’m running beta 2 and it was working fine with beta 2 and then just stopped. Ideas?

Hello can anyone tell me if there is a way to add multiple users at one time. For example like push an array to the code or a table / json string / list / xml anything like that I have like 75 users over 12 locks and it will take me forever and a day to add them all individually. Or if no one knows can someone tell me where the user data is stored and if there is anyway to access it.

Not at this time there’s not. Sorry. I am developing a web API that would allow you to do this, but at this time I am swamped at my job and development has slowed.

Yes! This is a bug in the platform. For some reason, the default devicetype handler isn’t playing nice with sharing actions back to LockManager. User a custom DTH from the repo in the beta-2 branch and you should be good.

I included a 1:1 copy of the SmartThings devicetype handler in the repo for this reason.

hello ethaer. thanks for a great app.
i do vacation rentals in my home and would like to pre-set codes for upcoming guests that start on date/time and end on another date/time. i see the scheduling feature which looks like what i need.

my question is in the details for it’s implementation. if my usecase is to

  1. Set a lock code today (6/8/18) that will be active from 1/5/19 - 1/10/19 (times left off for brevity).
  2. On 1/1/19 the internet goes down (for some reason…)

When the guest comes on 1/5, will the code work?
and… if the opposite were to happen (the code works on 1/5, but on 1/10/19, the internet is off…) would the code stop working on 1/10/19 anyway.

So i guess I’m asking if the LOCK remembers the schedule once set, or does your lock manager send the code on 1/5/19 (so it needs to be connected).

or perhaps pre-setting a schedule work with SOME more sophisticated locks (which ones) but not others?

thanks in advance for explaining the details. i sweat the details when guest access is concerned :wink:


First wanted to thank you for your last response and the amazing app. I’m sure you put tons of work into this. I do have a question. I have approximetly 50 people or so that I want to give access to. Some people will only have access to some locks and vise a versa. I also have several locks that support more then 30 codes and some that only support 30 codes. When I’m putting in a user and selecting the slot I can only go up to 30. Will your app automatically adjust the slots for users. For example User 1 has access to all locks and user 2 only has access to one lock. However, there is more then 30 slots programmed but some of those locks only have 5 to 6 users in them. Will it adjust the slots to make them work for that lock or no?

Hi, Thank you for the app; however, I am struggling with a persistence problem. I felt like I had a successful install and was able to set up the lock an several users and Pins. For a time, they were there and could see the details of the 3 assigned slots. Then it all disappears (classic app on iphone). I’ve been through several cycles where the same thing happens. When I say disappear, not just the user info. I go back and the lock manager smart app is gone. Even in the IDE, I go to My Devices and it’s gone, yet I can go to Locations, click on the devices link there and see the device. Any help (Erik or Community) appreciated!

Hi ethayer, I posted the below quote just before the two responses you replied to. Just wondering if you had any insight as to what the cause of the problem I am experiencing may be. I have not yet been able to get the app to show the lock as available or online since I made the post.

“I downloaded and installed Lock Manager, program was working fine for 2 days. However now today on the app the lock shows unavailable (on classic app). When I log in to the samsung account it shows the lock is offline. What has caused this?”

Hi all,

I just purchased the SmartThings hub and the KwikSet Smartcode 916. After some tinkering, I finally got this app up and running. I just have a few questions.

  1. How do I set the lock to lock after it has been left unlocked for 1 minute?
  2. I can’t get any of the icons to appear in my app. Is this normal?
  3. Also is anyone else with a Kwikset 916 getting disconnection issues? My hub is not far at all from my lock and everyone once in a while when the lock has not been used for a few hours it stops working and states disconnect but once I lock and unlock it manually it says connected.


I’m experiencing something similar, however mine shows status, pushes open and close notification. However, won’t let me open and close via ST app (indicates not enough permission) and isn’t visible from AT.

Please ignore, I got it working again after deleting and readding the lock

I’m using the Kwikset 916. You can use CoRE to set up rules to have the lock autolock. I have my lock automatically lock after 1 minute if it detects that the door is closed (using open/close door sensor). App icons show up fine for me. No issues with disconnect but I do have zwave switches all around my home to help with the connection.