[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

It just sent another request, where it left off at Slot 7. Seems to have stalled

Erik, any luck running into the same issue I have? I just checked again and it is still happening.

No, unfortunately… I deleted the app several times and I wasn’t able to replicate the issue.

I’ve made the requestCode routine a lot more aggressive. Can you update your app and test it out for me? I clocked my BE469 at just a little over 4 minutes using the new method.

EDIT: my kwikset 910 also took ~4 minutes

I made a mistake(probably several) when writing the tutorial. I should have stated that you should select ‘Lock Manager’ from the IDE, check ‘Publish’ checkbox and click ‘Execute Update’

After ‘Lock Manager’ is installed, then go ahead and click update from repo, select the Lock Manager repo again, select the 3 remaining child apps and then click ‘Execute Update’ (you can leave the publish checkbox unchecked)

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Just tried to install new app from GitHub, got this error:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Mon Mar 13 12:49:27 UTC 2017

I already deleted old code and DTH, followed your install instructions

If you are copying and pasting the data that’s probably the problem, it was for me. Type the information in.
Sorry realize a little more info will help, I’m referring to the page 3 in the instructions where you add the repository.

No, I used GitHub, followed instructions exactly. The error came up when I clicked “Execute Update”

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Read my previous post.

Got it. Thanks

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[quote=“ethayer, post:367, topic:63022”]
select the Lock Manager repo again, select the 3 remaining child apps and then click ‘Execute Update’ (you can leave the publish checkbox unchecked)
[/quote] @ethayer or any github expert… Sorry for being obtuse, because I think you have already answered my question, but to be super-clear: If parent & child apps are correctly installed as published & not published, respectively, then can subsequent github repo updates ignore the “publish” checkbox and updates will proceed to leave the parent published and the child unpublished?

I updated the code now when I open my locks and press done I get the following error in the Logs:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot execute null+null @ line 254

Whoops, I added a variable that gets set on some initializing scripts… but it only works if you hadn’t been using the app already, this should be fixed.

The FE are getting a “requestcode” but are not responding back after 6 mins no more requests and the lock never responded…

My Front Door BE got a ton of “requestcode” and started where it left off last night at Slot 7 but after 10 mins it has only responded to Slots 6 and 7. Still getting “requestcode” but no response from lock.
The app finally let me go in and do a refresh on the “Front Door” it took 6 mins but it received al of the slots.

Problem: I deleted a Temp user and code, yesterday, when I was trying the Burn Feature. The code is still in the lock. It shows the code in Slot 4 but doesn’t show a user. I’ve done 3 refreshes.

Do you have Overwrite Mode toggled off in ‘Advanced Settings’ in the main page?

Hopefully the edit I made last night helps with that refresh issue, I’m hoping they populate well now. From what you said, it sounds like that part worked.

Yes overwrite is on, just double checked. I just added another temp user and assigned slot four. The code changed to new code. I just deleted the user. The new code is still in the lock and the app shows the code in slot 4 but no user.name

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Ok, I can reproduce this on my platform too. Pretty sure it’s a simple fix, I’ll look at it tonight.

That’s right! If you don’t publish the child apps, the main app still has access to them but they won’t show up in your My Apps section. If you publish them, it doesn’t really hurt anything, they’ll just show up on your device and you’ll just have to ignore them.

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I’m sorry that I can’t figure this out. My only thought is to nuke your install one last time, make sure you’re updated on the most recent code on GitHub and then create the app again. =( Let me know if you do this and you still have the issue.

The DTH I have in this repo IS garyd9’s old DTH, with just a boolean change in a couple spots, so that shouldn’t cause the disparity. I’m using this edited version myself with the exact same lock, so I’m not sure why we’re getting various levels of success.

Thanks for the reply Erik. I’ll delete, update code, and start over tonight if I get time. Will keep you updated once I get to it.

Hi Erik, a couple additional observations;

When arming through the keypad, the user specific keypad routines do not run, only the general (all user) routines will run. This may have been a platform error but I have not been able to test past switching from user specific to general (which fixed the issue).

Also, I noticed that while your keypad SmartApp calls the function correctly, the Zigbee Keypad DTH has an error which prevents the exit delay beeping from being initiated. I’m going to create a pull request on that DTH in order to fix the issue but I figure you may want to get the updated DTH once it’s available (maybe host it like you are the modified Schlage Touchscreen DTH).

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