[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

It’s working fine for me, although I don’t know if time based restrictions are working per another post I saw. Since LUM isn’t working now, this is a good replacement for setting/viewing codes and setting restrictions on their use. Worth trying again.

The downside is that you have to do lock code setup on a webpage vs in the app. That is going to have a very low WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

It just stopped working after using it all morning.

Ha. My wife never sets codes, anyway.

Based on the slowness I’ve seen in some instances of running the ST local app, I’m OK with managing via web, so long as it’s responsive. Perhaps down the line there’s some way of updating the site via API back to ST? FWIW, in addition to the time-based limitations, there does also appear to be an inability to select a timezone, which could certainly be impacting time-based triggers.

By the way, my timed codes deleted around 5 pm today, as scheduled, so it does seem to work.

Not here. No changes based on time or lock codes here unfortunately. A feedback forum would definitely be helpful. As shown below, we’re past 8:00pm and codes are still active.

looks like there’s no timezone set on your schedule, or that the app wasn’t able to deduce your timezone from your SmartThings account. I’ll look into this.

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By the way, I have a code set for daily (M-F) between 8 am and 5 pm. I just tried it on a lock and it opened the door. It’s Saturday so it shouldn’t have. Thanks.

My lock has showed “initializing” for 2 days. I’m able to create codes, and the lock/unlock history shows on on the website, but the codes don’t seem to flow to the lock.

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The problem with these schedules stem from SmartThings not knowing your location’s timezone. (and thus not giving it to me as part of your location’s data)

If you want, I can quickly fix it on your account manually for now. Send me a direct message with the email address you used to sign up, and your timezone

Use this list, preferably send me the “Timezone Id” Ex: “America/Chicago” is mine.

Can’t you derive the timezone from geolocation data or address? There are public APIs available (e.g. Google) that can provide that. If not, then it should be a configurable item per location.

This isn’t something we can set in SmartThings for you? I’ll send my time zone just in case, anyway.

Maybe, I’m not sure how to set that. Maybe someplace in the app? I kind of thought that SmartThings would have them for all locations automatically but I assumed wrong! I checked @clifster’s location and the timezone data wasn’t there. (I could figure out their account from their email name) I tired to pull it from SmartThings manually and it came up empty.

I’ll have to re-design it so that you can enter a timezone.

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I sent you my info by DM. Thanks! And setting time zone in lockmanager doesn’t come thru? Cause I set it there as well. I’m gonna look at ST to see if there’s a time zone setting. One would thing there’s something because how else would it know to run something at x o’clock?

Yes, I could. But I’m trying not to use Google APIs or client data. I’m deriving location off of what SmartThings sends for locations, which may not be the same timezone as the person’s device that they’re using to access the site. Like if someone has a house in California and a Condo in Florida.

I assumed that ST had data on this for each location, but I guess not.

Example location data from a person’s account:

"countryCode"=>"***", "latitude"=>nil, "longitude"=>nil, "regionRadius"=>nil, "temperatureScale"=>"***", "timeZoneId"=>nil, "locale"=>"en",

Based on that, I cant really figure out your timezone.

My solution in the near future will be to just allow you to set a timezone per location.

I had assumed wrong ST wouldn’t have these be null values.

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Ooof… OK So I think some of the problem is a misunderstanding of how the schedule “Weekly” works

Looking at Cliff’s screenshot… this is what is supposed to happen with that schedule:

Code is programmed on 1/16 at 1PM.
All days are selected, so it will be valid every day of the week until and then it will delete the code at 8pm on 1/30

If you want it to delete every day, select “daily
Then it would start on 1/16pm at 1pm…
Then delete the code each day at 8pm and re-program it the following day at 1pm.
Then on 1/30 it will delete the code at 8pm
On 1/31, it will not program the code again.

I use daily and set for M-F between 8 am and 5 pm and it still allowed a code to open door on Saturday. I do not have a date range set, though. Does that matter?

Edit - it must matter, because when I put in dates it deleted the code for today. However, do I have to remember to put in an end date all the time? This is an ongoing code for our cleaners (which may not be how you designed this if it’s for temporary use like Airbnb.

You’re not supposed to have to put in a date. I’ll look into that as a bug.

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By the way, I’m having some other issues. I mentioned the other day that codes were not being deleted after 5 pm and being added after 8 am during the week. I added a start date and then they seemed to work (at least codes were deleted on Saturday). However, the code I used for our cleaning lady is now not working. It’s not being entered into the lock for some reason. And I just tested a different code and SharpTools reported that the door was opened by the cleaning lady when it was really assigned to someone else.

Now, part of the problem could be that I also have SLGA installed. If that’s the case, I’ll chalk it up to operator error and I’ll uninstall it. I was using it for notifications, but maybe I should turn on notifications in lockmanager.io.

With respect to the cleaning lady code, I am testing for that using SharpTools rules. When I entered it, it went in as slot 7. However, when it got deleted Saturday, and something else got added this morning (I have two codes set for time/date), I think that the other code went into slot 7. Is there some way to ensure that codes stay in the slots to which I originally assigned them? Or at least the order in which I entered them?

Another issue with slots is that SLGA reports when a lock is locked. I was in slot 1, so it was reporting RCB as the person locking the door. However, this morning, it report that “Repairs” locked the door. Somehow Repairs wound up in slot 1.

Maybe I should delete most if not all of my codes, along with SLGA, and start over? And then only put codes that change by date/time at the end? Although I wonder if even that will work because I can see that sometimes it takes a while for a code to be entered (I can see the progress line).

Anyway, I know I’m rambling a bit, but maybe you can glean some suggestions for me to fix this. ;-).