[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

#Version 1!

Please note that this is not compatible with the previous betas. You will have to uninstall the app before installing v1.0

~drops mic~


To clarify, bu “uninstall,” do we just “Remove” from the IDE and the app from our Automations > SmartApps in the mobile app?

That’s how I did it.

Removed the installed smart app
Went to IDE and updated the smart app
Added the new lock child app
Reinstalled from the “My Apps” section


If an app is approved for app market installs, how often can I expect to submit updates for it and have those updates go live on the app market? I am skeptical about this install path because I don’t want app market users to become stagnant or out-of-date.

I would say that there are enough features on this app to constitute ‘ready’ thus the v1.0 release, however I still have a backlog of features that I will be adding over time.

Awesome work! I’ll be installing the release version shortly.

Also, you might want to put a “[RELEASE]” at the front of the thread title so people know it’s a smartapp and not a question/story :slight_smile: .

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Ask Alexa integration!

I have no idea if it works! You tell me.

You can now send messages to the Alexa Message Que using Lock manager and Ask Alexa:


How’s it going? I have a quick question. I honestly don’t know anything about writing code but I was wondering if there is any way to change the coding to allow the keypad to control other things. For instance a garage door. (Wow who would have thought. Hahaha) I was just thinking of instead of it sending commands to the home monitor it can just be set to send commands to a plug or light to simply turn on and off.
Like I said don’t know anything but could this be changed here or am I way off?
This are lines 1372-1407

def alarmStatusHandler(event) {
log.debug "Keypad manager caught alarm status change: "+event.value
if (event.value == “off”){
keypad?.each() { it.setDisarmed() }
else if (event.value == “away”){
keypad?.each() { it.setArmedAway() }
else if (event.value == “stay”) {
keypad?.each() { it.setArmedStay() }

private sendSHMEvent(String shmState) {
def event = [
value: shmState,
displayed: true,
description: “System Status is ${shmState}”
log.debug "test ${event}"

private execRoutine(armMode) {
if (armMode == ‘away’) {
} else if (armMode == ‘stay’) {
} else if (armMode == ‘off’) {

I’m pretty sure that this section of the code only updates the keypads to the proper status.

Wut are you guys talking about?

The settings inside of the keypad child app allow you to do this. Just toggle off ‘acts as SHM device’ and enter in routines for each arm event. You can even have it toggle a virtual switch and then hand off the event to CoRE.

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Upgraded to version 1 today.

I’m seeing Hello Home settings listed twice when I click on my installed lock. They appear to be the same thing?


Thanks! Fixed.


Hmmm … can’t get burn code to work :confounded:

Also, global notifications (for push notifications) don’t work for me … I have to set notifications for individual users.

This app is really great.

I can’t find the post, but I remember seeing mention of not using being able to delete the stock codes in slots 1&2 for Schlage locks - and that you could change them but that it isn’t suggested for codes that you might want to disable. What I did (and I was pleasantly surprised that it worked) was I restricted the stock codes in slots 1&2 to a mode that I only use for testing new apps. I tested the stock code while in the experimental mode and Lock Manager successfully rejected the use of the code. Since I have 30 slots, I’m just going to leave the stock 2 and restrict them to my experimental mode.

If you are accepting feature requests I would like to see notification if a code is attempted when outside of the permitted of schedule. Also, and I"m not sure if this is possible, but notification if a code that doesn’t exist is attempted?

Edit - This is my favorite part of this app

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LOL … in laws.

I thought the restrictions on slots 1 & 2 didn’t apply to the Yale locks since those slots for those locks are not special. Anyway, I tested the burn code feature for slots up to slot 5 and it still didn’t work … I would get notification that the user was no longer able to use that lock, but I could still unlock the lock with that user’s code :confounded: BTW, the burn feature worked fine in the beta version :confused:

Sorry mine is a Schlage - I’ll edit my post to be clearer.

I’m going to test a burn next!

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Just tested a burner in slot 3 on my Schlage and it worked fine.

Hmmmm … I can see a re-install of Lock Manager in the future, LOL

Tested burner on my schlage and while it says it is burning the code - the code still works.

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OK, so it’s just not only me :confounded:

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Something is not quite right with notifications on mode change. The restriction is working, but I only get the notification if I go into the user and hit done.

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