[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

My pleasure to be of any help, though not an expert or programmer.
I am going to share, keeping it detailed and simple to follow, what has been best practice and outcome for me:

  1. Delete your Lock Manager apps in IDE (Smartthings web login). Delete master and child apps (3 or 4 of those).

  2. Install the new version of Lock Manager from here Lock Manager
    You can install in IDE by adding new smartapp->code and pasting it there and then save-> publish for me

  3. Install the newly added Lock Manager app on your smartphone classic app, from my apps.

  4. After installing, add “New Lock” by adding your existing lock and omit “Sweeping” option.

  5. Now add your existing codes and names by adding “Users” (already stored in your physical lock and noted by you). Note that new app can add users by itself and you don’t have to add child apps.

  6. Once all the existing codes are added, go back to web IDE and in Devices select your Lock and edit it to change the dth to generic one: “Z Wave Lock” and save.

  7. Wait for few minutes (sometimes quite a few minutes :slight_smile: ) for the lock manager and lock to sync and update and you are done. Now experiment with different stored codes and see if your status is being updated accordingly.

This is working almost perfect for me except for few hiccups in the beginning.

Hope this helps.

P.S. My earlier post in which I changed the dth code resulted in reporting the status but had some problem with the code reporting.