[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

so i got it to work, i had to also install the Keypad widget

now i just cant get the SMS to work nor will it arm the house on code lock

That actually worked for me, too. I could swear I tried it before but did not work. Anyway, all that matters is that it works now! Thank you, Sarcadi.

About your other two issues, if you don’t have Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint, make sure your Carrier supports email to SMS and that they are not blocking messages coming from SmartThings.

Your issues sound like a DTH (device type handler) problem.

What kind of lock do you have and have you installed a custom DTH for it? If it’s a zigbee lock, I would install [DEPRECATED] - Universal ZigBee Lock DTH with Lock Codes. For z-wave locks, you can find DTHs for almost every brand in the forums.

What a great app! Works great with my Yale Real Living Z-Wave (YRD210-ZW-605). I gladly donated to the author.

A question, though – as it stands, the lock Thing (which is using the custom “Z-Wave Lock Reporting” DTH is not reporting the battery level. Is something wrong with my setup or the lock itself? I do see that the DHT advertises and implements the “Battery” capability…

Thanks for your advice! I’m sorry - I don’t know what a device type handler is. I have the z wave Schlage lock which I’m using with Smartthings and Lock manager. Where do I get a DTH for this? Thank you!

@RBoy has a very clear set of instructions on how to set it up.

Where do I find out if I have a secure inclusion?

I am new to SmartThings. How do I go about adding a 3rd party App such as Lock Manager? some kind of step by step directions would be super helpful! Thanks


In Live Logging, you’ll see a message stating that your device included securely or insecurely.

About how long before I see the inclusion type? I am mostly seeing Lifx and smart apps

AFAIK, you should see it as soon as it pairs (or rejoins if disconnected). You might want to try excluding it and then rejoining the device to your mesh.

After upgrading from the repo to the latest version, the slots are messed up.
I have 3 user code using slot 1,2 and 3 but when i create a new user code, it shows 1,2 & 3 available.
It use to only allow me to show the slots that is not in use.

What would happen if you have 2 user code on the same slot?

In addition, when i revoke a user code, I still don’t get notification that user access has been removed even though the push notification is turned on for revoking user code.

I have a Schlage Camelot Touchscreen lock and was able to set up the user codes and notifications, however, my lock beeps multiple times before unlocking when a user code is entered or locking. The lock alarm is set to off. I’ve tried disabling the alarm both manually on the lock by holding the alarm button for 5 seconds and through the app but the beeping will not stop.

Any ideas on how to get the annoying beeping to go away when a code is entered?

This sounds like the stock low battery alert.

Just stopping by for a sec to explain my recent absence. I have a new baby!

He is very cute. I hope that one day, he will be an engineer. I will return to SmartThings hacking in a week or so.


Congrats!!! … hope he doesn’t turn into a politician or lawyer, we don’t need/want more of those IMO, LOL

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Is it possible to have the lock manager show all the codes currently in the lock? i had the lock paired with Vera Lite years ago and most of those codes still work. I would like to see them and remove them if I want to? Possible?