Thank you. I update my smartapp and handler code manually. Don’t ask why, I’m just a creature of habit and that’s how I’ve always done it. It now works like a charm. I guess when I first “updated”… the new code wasn’t in the github yet. Thanks for your hard work on this and also providing the version numbers. This way us manual updaters can be sure we are working with current code.

Sorry for stupid question, but haven’t seen much mention of the lifx wifi led light strips, just wanted to confirm that it is compatible with ST, at least with the use of your dh? And if so, I assume it will be the same install process as set out in the OP? Thanks!

this has been working great for ages.

just recently i’ve noticed that it is setting the lifx group to 1% brightness instead of what its set in the smartapp as 80%. anyone else seeing this?

Both lifx custom device types aren’t working very well now. Perhaps lifx did something to their API

this is all non lan still isn’t it? I wonder if smartthigns will ever enable this. very tempted to move over to hass (too much effort) or hubitat. :>