[OBSOLETE] Lidl Smart Home DTHs


Lidl in Denmark just released their Smart Lightning. “Smart Home LivarnoLux” and I have managed to add it to SmartThings, but the colour change function is not working :frowning: When I try to change it to red, blue etc it won’t work, but I can change the colour from warm to cold light!

Any ideas on what could be wrong?


I have the same problem. Recently bought GU10 colour in Spain.
Any ideas?

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Hi folks
Is there any luck with the motion sensor from Lidl?
It appears to be okay and ready as a zigbee motion sensor. LED indicates motion, but i do not get any notifications?

Edit: I changed the device from “zigbee motion sensor” to “SmartSense Motion Sensor” , and now it detects motion in smartthings and homebridge/homekit


Hi all,

This one is a DTH for the Lidl power strip 3 gang device. It’s a mod from the smartthings zigbee multi switch with the fingerprint of this model added. The original one only detects two gang.

To install it

  1. install this DTH in your IDE and publish for you
  2. Discover the Lidl power strip as outlet in smartthings
  3. Change the devide type in your IDE

This DTH is for the Lidl Motion sensor. It is still under test but seems to work well. I have done a little mod with the new fingerprint and Smartthings finds the device when you detect new ones.


This dth: Sengled RGBW Bulb is working fine for me with colour bulb and led strip from Lidl. It Uses XY and not HUE colour.


Hi Luis, thx for your reference to the code for the blubs. I had to download it from Obi2000 on Github, because something was going wrong when you paste your codes, they can’t compiled in IDE.
characters were changed in many parts of the Codes.

I would like to try your motion sensor code, do you have a Github Account where you can share the code ?

And the Lidl contact sensor works if it is setup in IDE as SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor

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Hi Christian, I have corrected those post. Excuse me, this is my fist time posting here.

Thank you for your help with the rest of the Lidl devices.

Hi Luis,

good job for the motion sensor, working fine. :+1:
Have add it now on 2 Sensors, best way is to add the code of Luis and publish it, the sensor is recognized correctly when the device is added. If you only change the device handler then it was not displayed correctly for me.

I got it to work with “Obi2000” device handler. When i change the colours, the brightness is very very low, any ideas on what could be the issue?

@Luis_Mijares, do you have a DH for the Christmas lights as well?

Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone has tried the lidl smart plug? Does it work without a dth, or what do you need to use one? Thanks.

I have never seen the christmas lights, Is it a zigbee device?

Yes you can use it with the dth that is located above in this post.

Have a look here:

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I don’t know if it could wrok with smartthings and Obi2000 dth. Yo could try. It will probably only turn of an on the ligths but not the rest of the effects without an especific dth.

Luis you are a **** I just bought the lidl Led strips and could not make them work on the colors but with your fix it works like wonders I have tested it everything works like expected. Overall the strip density on the leds is not very high but for the money I would say it is a great buy.


For those users that are interested I have also tested the Lidl smart wall plug s and they work out of the box. They are simple devices without any power metering but for 9 euro’s it works fine.

Not sure how well the relay works on the plug. I tested on on the 3rd floor and didn’t get stable signal but maybe with a rely plug on the 2nd floor it should be fine.

So far the lidl stuff seems to work fine with a little work around like on the led strips. I haven’t tested the power strip yet.


I watching the tutorial https://youtu.be/UUPMPzroz3w
I was able to run the color mode, but then the white colors don’t work.

Thanks, works nice :smiley:
Any suggestions for a handler to Lidl white color bulb?

Sorry Flemming but I don’t have any Lidl white bulb.

Try with Zigbee white color temperature bulb located in the default list type in IDE.