[OBSOLETE] Lidl Smart Home DTHs

Hi Mariano,

I’ve just managed to sort this after relooking at the info Luis quoted but thanks for your help anyway.

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These came to Lidl in Ireland last week. Glad to hear it will work with ST, gonne try and get one and give it a go myself!


So seams that without Lidl Hub is impossible to change this closing parameter after 1 minute? No other solution. I know it’s cheap but to buy only because of changing this one parameter is waste of money and later Lidl Hub will stay unused.


Hi folks,
I’ve managed to connect the device to ST, but it doesn’t work. It was recognised as a thing, and I changed it to the ZigBee button, but nothing happens. I’ve tried to change it to ZigBee switch and multi-button but without any success. Is there anybody that managed to fix it?


does anyone know if there is a DH for Lidl Home SMART LED WALL LIGHT? The model is HG06701B.

I tried to install the device handler for the LIDL BULB RGBW, it finds the item but it is impossible to control it … I was recommended to enter the value 500 AS Device Network Id.
Could this be the problem?
Thanks in advance

I don’t have that specific LIDL wall light, but I have some other RGBW lights from LIDL (not bulbs).
They work for me with the “Sengled RGBW Bulb” handler. (unfortunately, it doesn’t work in local mode)
Give it a try and let us know:)

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So there is no real functionality without the lidl hub?

I have the same problem too

I just bought these xmas lights too.

Apparantly, they work similar to the Hue gradient lightstrip with adressable LEDs?
Is there a devicehandler for that?


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Is it possible to add the DTH from LAMS144ai via github?


You should check this thread instead

My solution to:Lidl / Silvercrest / Parkside irrigation valve automatic shutting off after 1min.
I had the same issue, and I did following to solve it:

  1. Make a Simulated Switch
  2. Make a rule: If Irrigation valve is open AND Simulated Switch is on or off THEN Open Irrigation valve + activate Simulated switch with automatic deactivation after 45 sec.

This will keep the irrigation valve alive


Hi there

I am trying to use the LIDL Multiplug and, after following all steps and installing the latest version of the device handler, I have properly 3 devices in my app but each of them control the 3 outlets at the same time…
For example, after adding the DH, I have Outlet 1, Outlet 2 and Outlet 3 but turning On Outlet 3 in the app turns on all the outlet on the multiplug.

@Luis_Mijares or @Christian_H would you be able to advise?

For reference I am using this: Smartthings-DTH/Integrated ZigBee Switch.groovy at main · Mariano-Github/Smartthings-DTH · GitHub
But the result is the same with any of the scripts pasted in this page… I am a bit at a loss!

Here is the log:

Forget about these old DTHs, they won’t work after Groovy is phased out. Edge drivers are the future. Check out drivers made by @Mariano_Colmenarejo. If I remember correctly there is a driver for this device.

If you don’t know anything about Edge drivers then I’d recommend checking this out.


Hi Luis, I’ve been breaking my head over this SilverCrest gardenpin outlet that I’ve gotten from Lidl. It has two outlets but I can’t seem to get this thing to work. It recognized the unit as a thing and when I change the DTH into your integrated_zigbee_Switch. It seems to accept it as a switched outlet but it only works on the whole unit not the individual two outlets separately. It does show them as child devices though! Any tips you can give me? BTW the * manufacturer: _TZ3000_br3laukf

  • model: TS0101 for reference. Thanks Erwin

Thanks @Sakari !
I am also looking in the direction of the edge driver and messaged Mariano for help.
However, in the meantime, I am concerned that the groovy script is not at all working as intended… Perhaps I have a version of the device that isn’t supported?

Here is what smartthings tells me when the plug is installed as “outlet” (default Zigbee groovy device)
application: 46
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: _TZ3000_vzopcetz
model: TS011F
zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

I’m sure Mariano can help you. I unfortunately don’t understand enough about these devices and especially about old dths.

Thanks @Sakari

I am having troubles with the Silvercrest (Lidl) Smart Button. I’ve tried the device handler: Zigbee Non-Holdable Button, but so far no luck. Please Help!


  • application: 47
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_rco1yzb1
  • model: TS004F
  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE

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Did you figure this out yet? Because I cant for the life of me not get this thing to work either. Not even a single press. @lucien