[OBSOLETE] Kodi for SmartThings BETA

I am still working on the logging parts to find out where it is happening. Yes, I see this in the logs… but I also am double checking everything to ensure that it is not a problem on my end causing it to fail (packet tracing, etc…).

I will let you know if I figure it out.

Is this actually working without using the smartapp? So if I use the remote to pause Kodi, will the lights brighten? I am interested in this but I don’t want to waste time setting it up if it doesn’t work outside the smartapp.

Mine only works using a piston with CORE because I’m able to tell CORE to watch the status of Kodi and react based off of the current status that kodi is in.

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Is the reaction time good? Is that the core picture up above?

Yeah it reacts pretty quick. Yes its from core.

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I am trying to get this setup and I can’t seem to find in CoRE how to set the Status of Kodi. Under Triggers I select Media Controller and then my Kodi but then my only option is Comparison and there isn’t any Status in this selection.

I had to manually type Playing, Paused, Stopped

OK but where do I do that to get it to be the Status?

Use music player instead

Anyone have good luck with android MXQ boxes and smartthings? My main kodi in my living room is running on a Ubuntu PC and it updates it just fine. The one I have in my basement is hit and miss when it updates even with pollster doing a poll and refresh every 5 mins. Just curious.

I can’t get this to work. Can you give me an idea of what I am doing wrong.

So what is happening?

Nothing. Nothing happens when I am playing or pausing.

Logs? Be careful at status, it is case sensitive. Playing is not the same as playing…

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I will check this tomorrow as I am watching the CANADA vs Europe game right now! Go CANADA!

It works! That was the problem…it was playing instead of Playing and paused instead of Paused. Excellent!

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Love, love, love this! Got it working quite quickly and even managed to set up a CoRE rule.

One thing though - does Kodi have the ability of setting the status when somebody pauses / plays through another remote? e.g. If I pause whats playing on kodi using my remote, my CoRE rule doesn’t fire because the status doesn’t update.

I just got the Kodi app a few days ago also. It’s a nice tie in with ST. I created a CoRE rule to dim when kodi is playing.

Not sure if it was mentioned before, but a free account on trakt.tv helps to manage watchlists and searches on kodi.

Hey @joshua_lyon were you ever able to get this resolved? I have an odd issue that is only affecting my Fire TV installation (windows works fine) where I am unable to get any uPNP events (refresh does not show the status) however clicking on play/pause does send the command properly. I made sure the steps were all right with the IP username/password, and even changed everything. One thing I did notice is that I needed to override the URL as it kept resolving to an old IP when I ran discovery. Does that mean I need to wait a day and run discovery again?

I am pretty sure I got it setup right as my windows box works perfectly fine with CoRE for light control.

I was able to install and publish OK, but am having an issue with the discovery.
uPNP and HTTP and remote control are all enabled in Kodi. (running 14.2 on an android device, and 16.1 on a windows PC)

The discovery detects both devices after a couple of seconds listed as Kodi (localhost) and KodiPC. I check either one or both of them, the discovery continues, and the device gets unchecked after a couple of seconds. I can re-select, and after a few seconds it de-selects automatically again.
the discovery appears to keep running with no change, I’ve had it go for about 45 minutes before I gave up with the same select/unselect behavior.

I tried turning of the PC so only the android kodi device was active, and it behaves the same there.

Any thoughts?

From my logs:
…7c4421 3:57:03 AM: trace [deviceDiscovery] Discovered devices: […9942:KodiPC, …4AC5:Kodi (localhost)]
…7c4421 3:57:03 AM: debug Verifying 0 devices
…7c4421 3:57:03 AM: trace There are 2 verified devices
…7c4421 3:57:00 AM: trace [deviceDiscovery] Discovered devices: […9942:KodiPC, …4AC5:Kodi (localhost)]
…7c4421 3:57:00 AM: debug Verifying 0 devices
…7c4421 3:57:00 AM: trace There are 2 verified devices
…7c4421 3:56:57 AM: trace [deviceDiscovery] Discovered devices: […9942:KodiPC, …4AC5:Kodi (localhost)]
…7c4421 3:56:57 AM: debug Verifying 0 devices
…7c4421 3:56:57 AM: trace There are 2 verified devices
…7c4421 3:56:53 AM: trace [deviceDiscovery] Discovered devices: […9942:KodiPC, …4AC5:Kodi (localhost)]
…7c4421 3:56:53 AM: trace discoverDevice() Issuing SSDP request
…7c4421 3:56:53 AM: trace There are 2 verified devices
…7c4421 3:56:48 AM: trace [deviceDiscovery] Discovered devices: […9942:KodiPC, …4AC5:Kodi (localhost)]
…7c4421 3:56:48 AM: debug Verifying 0 devices
…7c4421 3:56:48 AM: trace There are 2 verified devices
…7c4421 3:56:45 AM: trace [deviceDiscovery] Discovered devices: […9942:KodiPC, …4AC5:Kodi (localhost)]
…7c4421 3:56:45 AM: debug Verifying 0 devices
…7c4421 3:56:45 AM: trace There are 2 verified devices
…7c4421 3:56:42 AM: trace [deviceDiscovery] Discovered devices: […9942:KodiPC, …4AC5:Kodi (localhost)]
…7c4421 3:56:42 AM: debug Verifying 0 devices
…7c4421 3:56:42 AM: trace There are 2 verified devices