[OBSOLETE] Iris Smart Fob 3450L (2nd generation)

I’ve found that my Care Pendant seems to go nuts trying to reconnect when away and will drain the battery very quickly compared to the others. The Smart Fob seems a bit ‘smarter’ in this regard and seems to sleep more readily when away. I haven’t added the presence code to the Care Pendant in the master branch yet for this reason. It’s out there in the ‘care-pendant’ branch if anyone wants to try their luck.

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I would like to see some project photo’s when you complete this, I was kind of thinking along the same lines with hardwiring a presence to my vehicles eventually.

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I love your IRIS drivers mitchp…they really look well coded! Nice job! I’m actually learning more about zigbee from your code than from docs or manuals. :wink:

When I asked the manufacturer (or distributor for the manufacturer…it’s hard to tell how many layers of resale these go through on their way from china. ) he said their engineer recommended using the battery status instead of zigbee connection status because it was more reliable. I didn’t tell him what kind of hub I was using, so I’m guessing its that way with anything you connect to. In any case I had to try it to see if it was true, and it seems like it is…though the battery suck seems to be a lot more since I guess there’s some back and forth tx/rx for every battery report vs the status which I’m thinking might have fewer bits of information exchanged.

I bought one of these fobs today. Why because I am an idiot and want to spend the next few days trying to figure out why it doesn’t work in Smart Things. But putting that aside.

I installed the device code at the top of this thread.
I included and setup this fob. It was discovered as “Unknown Thing” and then I had to use the ide to switch to the device code.

Now when I look at the device in the app I only see presence which I don’t plan to use. I just need a device for 4 action buttons to assign to my AC as “Off”,“Heat”,“Cool”,“Dry”.

When I turn on debugging I see only the following in the log for the fob.
> 7:24:00 PM: error groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.lang.Long#minus.

Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null] due to overlapping prototypes between:
[class java.lang.Character]
[class java.lang.Number] @ line 190

In the app all I see is the following.

How do I assign the buttons to activities ?

I think I will just return this for a Aeon Tech MiniMote but wonder if anyone has this device working.

How can I tell which version I have ?
Label says 3450-L but no version is listed.

I do have this working but as I mentioned a bit further up I have only gotten 1 out of 4 to work, the difference here is that mine didn’t work because of the crazy idea to use a spot of glue for the battery contact instead of soldering it. If it were me I would reset that fob and start over, including maybe re-copy the code from the GitHub site and re-pasting it in the IDE, don’t forget to hit “Save” and “Publish” → “For Me” before attempting to re-pair the fob. If you still cannot get it to pair properly during join (in other words you shouldn’t have to change type in IDE) then I would just take it back.

I would say exchange it but instead I will say do yourself the favor and just return it and look for something else. I have a Securifi Fob that seems to work well and also have seen that there is a SwanOne fob that people have working. The Securifi Fob only has 3 working buttons since the 4th button is only used for pairing but the SwanOne Fob has 4 working buttons. Below is a link to the thread for the Securifi Fob and there is also discussion about the SwanOne fob in that thread with links to the custom code for it as well.

Also, as you mentioned the Aeon MiniMote may work for you as well, if you are not wanting a key fob style remote I can also suggest the OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch that I wrote a device handler for, it works with apps that use button devices such as the Button Controller app or Rule Machine and it is a device that can either be mounted on a wall, either over an existing wall switch or directly on the wall, and it can also be mounted to the supplied base which allows it to be used as a remote control. It will be able to control 4 separate devices even though it only has 2 buttons as it does have “held” states as well as “pushed” states. The link to the thread for that device is below.

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I am sure my device code is installed correctly. I even modified it to remove presence scheduled events because we all know how well ST managed scheduled events and I don’t need presence on this device. I think I may have a v1 device because nothing works at all. It’s going back to Lowes.

As with the Minimote (I believe), you need to use an app such as the Button Controller in order to assign actions to the buttons.

I have not seen that before… anyone else seeing this?

I have not seen it before nor have I had the issues @Ron had, I think he is doing the right thing by returning it, even if it is to exchange and try a new one.

I just got word back form ST after a couple exchanges. Basically if you have a Routine set up from a Phrases SmartApp, it does not name the Routine by default. It’s actually null and thus kills the code loop that tries to load the Routine list in. So I merely gave that a name and voila! Hello Home is populating. I’d call that a code oversight (aka bug).

+1 on the glue instead of solder issue. Actually +2 because not only did the side contact glue not hold but also there was a little glue on one side of the contact so it was battery-to-glue contact rather than battery-to-metal contact. I liked the small form-factor but having wait for 10-20 seconds for it to be recognized when I get home & it seeming to need battery replacement after just 1 month (or else some other design defect went bad) has me wondering if this is really the best of its kind or will remain so for long. (At least it runs on a battery instead of needing to be recharged.) I’m on my way to Lowes for an exchange (or return if none left on the rack) to give it one more chance.

Since the 4-button fob I’m returning isn’t working, I guess the only way to un-pair it is to use the SmartThings ide site to delete it there so nobody else can use it with my ST hub, right?

in PA

Yes, you will need to delete it via the IDE. I am not sure you would need to be concerned with someone else being able to use it with your hub since they would need to know that it was paired to your hub and would have to be within range and even then if you don’t have a smartapp like button controller setup to assign the buttons to some action or something setup to manage the presence of the device it will not do anything (not to mention it is broken as-is anyway). That said it is best to delete the device in your IDE and also remove/reconfigure any smart apps you may have setup to utilize the device.

Anyone find this keyfob to be too sensitive?

I had it unlocking my door and opening the garage. I found it triggering while in my pocket.

Are there any button smart apps that allow finer control, like double press or long press to activate?

I have presence working, however cannot seem to figure out how to configure the 8 possible button presses, any ideas?

Access the Marketplace --> SmartApp --> More --> Button Controller

I can’t seem to figure this out as a presence sensor. I used the code from this posting and I see the presence sensor, however it doesn’t seem to detect presence accurately. Almost as if the user has to press the button to indicate presence. Is that the case?

No, that should not be the case. It might not be reporting correctly. Maybe try resetting it and re-adding it. YMMV though. If your ZigBee mesh is not fairly strong, you may see it drop off if you wander too far from the hub or the repeater it’s connected through. Changing the timeout can help with this.

Although ever since my shipment of Iris plugs came, it’s been rock solid.

Where would I change the timeout, in the code itself? Also, would I make the timeout longer or shorter?

The presence timeout can be changed in the settings for the device. Tap on the gear icon on the device’s page within the iOS/Android app to find it.

That’s the way mine is working. Five minutes after the last buttonpress, presence departs, never to return, until the next buttonpress.

My ST presence/arrival sensors are 100% reliable for the past year but I have 5 minute departure delay set.