[OBSOLETE] Iris Smart Fob 3450L (2nd generation)

I do have this working but as I mentioned a bit further up I have only gotten 1 out of 4 to work, the difference here is that mine didn’t work because of the crazy idea to use a spot of glue for the battery contact instead of soldering it. If it were me I would reset that fob and start over, including maybe re-copy the code from the GitHub site and re-pasting it in the IDE, don’t forget to hit “Save” and “Publish” → “For Me” before attempting to re-pair the fob. If you still cannot get it to pair properly during join (in other words you shouldn’t have to change type in IDE) then I would just take it back.

I would say exchange it but instead I will say do yourself the favor and just return it and look for something else. I have a Securifi Fob that seems to work well and also have seen that there is a SwanOne fob that people have working. The Securifi Fob only has 3 working buttons since the 4th button is only used for pairing but the SwanOne Fob has 4 working buttons. Below is a link to the thread for the Securifi Fob and there is also discussion about the SwanOne fob in that thread with links to the custom code for it as well.

Also, as you mentioned the Aeon MiniMote may work for you as well, if you are not wanting a key fob style remote I can also suggest the OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch that I wrote a device handler for, it works with apps that use button devices such as the Button Controller app or Rule Machine and it is a device that can either be mounted on a wall, either over an existing wall switch or directly on the wall, and it can also be mounted to the supplied base which allows it to be used as a remote control. It will be able to control 4 separate devices even though it only has 2 buttons as it does have “held” states as well as “pushed” states. The link to the thread for that device is below.

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