[OBSOLETE] Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L)

First pairing can take some patience. Catchall works best. After that they have been rock solid.

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Can’t say the cat has set one off yet. Dog has but she is 65lbs.

What do you mean by this? Catchall works best?

I have Iris motion sensors at my mother in laws. I just need motion not temperature. I am trying to find a way (wife and sister in law request) for them to see last motion events on these sensors.

I was thinking if the Xiaomi “only do motion” I could set up simple device viewer for them both to see the last motion event. They could log in the smartthings app and drill down from there but both are looking for a simple quick way to look at last motion. With the Iris sensors the last event in Simple Device Viewer could be a temperature report or a motion event.

The easiest thing would be to just remove the temperature report in the Iris motion sensors, but that would require the ability to read,edit and write the groovy code for my specific use.

Catchall is an entry in the hub log (not live logging) that shows when you push the button on the device. One of the number strings in the bigger string is the network ID that you put in the device in the IDE.


Thank you @michaelahess for the explaination. I’ll have to keep pondering for a solution for my wife’s desire.

Has anyone had an issue where their motion detector got “stuck” on Active status for hours, even though there was no motion. This happened to mine a few times this week. Battery level said 100%. I measure it and it was 3.03V which seems fine. After putting the battery back in it seems to be behaving fine now. Just wonder if the sensor perhaps is going bad and this is now likely happen again or or if its just a fluke. I’ve heard about things like false motion being triggered but this was different in that it was correctly going to active with motion, but then not going back to inactive when motion stopped for an extended period. Thanks.

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Yep, that’s happened to me several times. I had to put a drop dead time on my goodnight routine so that it’ll still run even if things didn’t “quiet down”

same problem here. some of them are getting stuck on active motion but never reset. It’s driving me crazy. Otherwise great products.

Has anyone noticed since the last firmware update the battery reporting is constantly at 100%?

This should help explain it …

Nope. I have one with a battery going on 10 months old that’s reporting 100%.

Happens to me all the time with one of the 4 sensors I have. Any solution to this? Removing the battery and putting it back in doesn’t even solve the problem in my case. I have to remove it from the network and rejoin, which is a real pain as this sensor is part of several SmartApps so I have to fix those every time, too.

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Mitch, I purchased OSRAM LIGHTIFY motion sensor recently, which turned out to be an Iris motion sensor with OSRAM Logo on it.
The Smartsense Motion Sensor Device did not work, but your device handler works like a charm!

It didn’t happen too often for me, but from personal experience, on the mobile application I go settings for it and just press Save, without any changes.
So far it always brought it back. Give it a try.

So… Does anyone have a DTH on this that can regulate the timeout? I bought this sensor because it is quick but, heck, I don’t want to have all kinds of pistons to say everything I need it too. Maybe LED Control??

Is there a happy medium or, should I just build a programming process around the 15secs?

Thank you!

You should build it into your pistons or smart lighting rules.

With that, I don’t want a timeout. Kick in every time it senses motion. Or, did I buy the wrong motion sensors AGAIN!?

I will write the pistons but I can’t have a timeout that goes to more than 15 sec

explain more what you’re wanting to accomplish. Turn on with motion and off when motion stops? Or turn on with motion and off after X minutes of no motion?

Sometimes I’m in the bedroom or office or garage (the only things down that hall that I would spend less than 30 seconds there)…

Or maybe my GF comes to visit me (work from home) in the office. The office lights turn off while she walks down the hall, I know this is probably a piston’s job but, I was hoping to increase and decrease wait times depending on the sensor.

Can’t have it turning off in the middle of a shower in my bathroom either. But if she goes in the garage, it will happen…

Complex piston or trying to ‘up’ the time on my bathroom but immediately on the hall, so I can actually say a lot more things to the piston than just guessing

There is a Z-Wave lock on the garage door and it reports all very well to the hub. There are also times that I could go from my office to the garage then back out within a few seconds.

So, you hopefully understand the need for immediate response every time.

Why does something like this not work for those scenarios?