[OBSOLETE] Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L)

Include them to the hub just like any other device. They’ll show up just fine (I just did a couple myself). Afterwards, start creating automations with your motion sensors and switches!

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So just include them as a ST’s motion sensor?

Yes, that is what I did. SmartThings automatically recognizes them as such.

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So, I received one of these last week and I have it setup to turn on three hue bulbs when it detects motion. However, there is a big delay before it turns on all the lights. I could be down the stairs before the light actually turns on. Anybody else have this issue and how do you fix it?

What DTH and what SmartApps are you using to automate it?

I am using using “Simple Manual Scenes” https://community.smartthings.com/t/simple-manual-scenes-improve-phrases-routines/20449 to create the scene switch and then I use the switch in a routine. So for instance I create Basement Lights On scene which includes the 3 hues bulbs turning on at a 100% and 6500K. Then when iris detects motion it turns the lights on in that scene and sets the colour and dimming that I set in the scene. IIt is the only way that I can find to have the lights set to a certain colour and dim setting. I tried using CoRE but it was delayed also. How do I determine the DTH it is using?

In my Device List it says Smartsense Motion Sensor. I think that Is the DTH, right?

I use the “smartsense motion temp sensor” got mine. There is a slight lag, but to bad. A lag is to be expected when using automations that are not controlled local.

Since you are using Phillips hue bulbs it will not run local.

Do you still have CoRE installed?
Did you ask about this in this thread?

So can I change the DTH to smartsense motion temp sensor? Do I have to delete it and then re find it? I do have CoRE installed still and I was asking about it in the forum. However, I am looking for the easiest way to be able to turn the lights on and off, etc. without having to find the app on my phone and open the app and then find the lights and turn them on or off. By setting up routines, I can set them as a widget on my phone. I know that I can somehow set up the routine using CoRE but I was getting too confused because I have to setup a switch, etc. Also, the lights weren’t setting the correct colour and dim settings that I had configured in CoRE. I thought it would be much easier to integrate hues bulbs into smartthings, but this is not exactly true.

If you’re worried about widgets you can use IFTTT ‘DO’ buttons for the lights (I think… I haven’t tried it personally)

I use Phillips bulbs ask over my house, as well as this motion sensor.

My bulbs are connected directly to my Phillips bridge. There is a small delay. My wife didn’t like it, but I told her to walk shower and she wouldn’t notice it as much… No really, I said that!

I use smart lighting for my motion activated switches and since its running local it’s very very fast.

I’m not sure why you’re seeing such a huge lag, but it shouldn’t be any more than 1/2 second.

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I see 2-3 seconds sometimes, most of the time it’s around 1 second. Occasionally walk into a room, look around, go WTF? and the light turns on. But that’s more the exception.

My Iris sensors however are the quickest of the types I use, not always noticeable, but generally so.

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Over the past few days I’ve had intermittent delays of 2-4 seconds. I have Iris motion sensors triggering Hue lights.

You may have to sacrifice a chicken…

Hey, it can’t hurt right?

Well the weird thing also is that I have it set for 4 bulbs to go on at the same time. However, they don’t go on at the same time. They seem to be staggered with the one for the stairs coming on last, which is really annoying because that is the one I really need on first. I am wondering if it is because I am using a scene app and not using the smartapp? I wish I could get these hues bulbs working better.

Wil you post a pic of your automation?

Sure but how do I do that?

Which sensors are you talking about?

Oops. Wrong sensors…