[OBSOLETE] Hue (Re)Connect - with scene handling

Thanks for the heads up. Is SmartThings planning on supporting Hue scenes in the (near) future?

Scenes and groups are currently under discussion and it is definitely something we would like to do.

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Thanks for the update @CyrilPeponnet do you want me to do a pull request or are you going to update.

As long as it’s retro compatible with other firmware you can do a PR :slight_smile:

It looks like linking without providing a username has been around since the beginning, but they’ve deprecated the ability to create your own and are forcing you to use the one the bridge responds with. So that change should work on all firmware versions.

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Correct, the change is backwards compatible.

I don’t mean to sound rude on this reply, so please don’t take this as a negative response.
How much is there to discuss? Other people have added the ability to uses scenes from hue. What kind of obstacles are there that smartThings hasn’t implemented these features yet?

Like I said earlier, I don’t mean this to sound like an angry post, I am just curious.

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Two things mainly, resource priorities and also the question of making generic group support in SmartThings (slower) vs making a Hue specific solution (faster). Like you said, adding group support for Hue doesn’t have any big technical obstacles. Another question is if we do add it, do we want to add the whole management of Hue groups/scenes inside of SmartThings or just leave the actually management to the Hue app and just import like ReConnect does.


Just got my SmartThings hub and created my account here. I wanted to say thanks to the developers. I am currently using this to have the ability to use Echo to turn scenes on and off. Eventually, as my home automation devices grow, I’m sure I’ll use the virtual switches to tie into other things.

Everything works great, except scene discovery. I’ve read through a lot of this and see it as being a pattern. Sometimes a new scene will show up, sometimes it wont and I have to completely remove everything to uninstall the app and reinstall and then it may not even be there still.

The ability to clear the Hue’s scene cache may resolve all of these issues, I have not been able to find such software though.

Either way, keep up the great work!

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I found using the Hue debugger to view/delete/rename scenes really helpful. It takes some manual fiddling, but I can easily overcome issues with the app not finding scenes anymore…I often find deleting unwanted ones or fixing the name on ones with a malformed name “unclogs” the pipe.

Good instructions on how to access and use it here: http://www.developers.meethue.com/documentation/getting-started.

Thank you for dedicating your time to helping bring Hue Scenes to SmartThings. This is something that I have been waiting for!

I am having some trouble with the SmartApp though. I’ve read the whole thread (all 230 posts!!) and don’t see quite the same issues that I am having. I had a lot of trouble with the itemDisplay error popping up, but the reasons why were not consistent. In my LiveLogging I could sometimes see time out errors, and other times no error at all. Renaming and editing, then retriggering the scenes in Hue sometimes helped, and other times, just repeatedly trying to finish install on the last “Done” step after choosing my bulbs or scenes would work.

All my lights and scenes did eventually make it over to my Things page. However, it doesn’t really look like the Hue (Reconnect) SmartApp is fully installed. It never shows up under my installed “SmartApps” under the Hub menu, although I do see it in MyLocation if I log into the SmartThings API. When I go to Marketplace, I find it in My Apps, with my previously chosen bulbs, scenes, and groups. The scenes and lights all appear to be functional.

Is this normal, and am I going to see problems with this app down the road because of this behavior?

OK, right after I posted this I stumbled on another new thread in the forum. The problem with newly installed smart apps is not due to this app itself, or anything I did when I installed it. Seems to be an issue going on. The simple fix in this thread post fixed my problem.

Now, I don’t know why I had so many repeated errors getting scenes and bulbs set up, so maybe there is something to look into from that point of view.

So I am super new to the developer side of smartphone apps, and I don’t have an IDE - is there one built in to Android that I can use developer to access, or do I have to download it? Thanks!

To access the IDE, go here:

Thanks! I’m an idiot, I was linked here from another site talking about successfully getting an echo to change scenes, didn’t realize SmartThings is from Samsung. It looks like to get to that page I need to have SmartThings products, is that right? Right now I have Belkin switches and Hue lights, so would there be any point (in your opinion) to getting SmartThings stuff?

The IDE shows anything that is connected to your hub including Hue Lights and anything that uses SmartThings device handlers, etc. so I would go ahead and sign up for it.

Here is an overview:

I get the following error trying to install any of the devices in the IDE “No signature of method: script14618801762161494519971.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script14618801762161494519971$_run_closure1) values: [script14618801762161494519971$_run_closure1@3a059b7] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)”

Hello, can anyone help out a complete noob in creating this smartapp? I understand how to make a new smartapp from code, but in the instructions when it says “also add each devices type you can find under HueDevices folder” I have no idea what to do. Does it mean copy the code from the folders into the HueReconnect code? Or create new smartapps with the code from the folders? If anyone could help me out it would greatly appreciated! Or if anyone knows of a step by step walkthrough/guide that would also be great.

Anyone else having an issue with GE bulbs not properly reporting their status in the app?

This was apparently resolved in the official SmartThings DTH for the GE Link bulb, but since (Re)Connect substitutes it’s own DTH for the bulbs which does not have the polling code needed to address this issue, the problem persists. @CyrilPeponnet do you think you can address this in your DTH for the bulb, please?

This has been a long standing problem with the GE bulbs. It is not the dth, it’s the actual bulb firmware.

This is the reason that I have transitioned away from them. The Phillips white bulb are now practically the same price.

If you’re using the Phillips bridge, I can’t recommend enough to change over.