[OBSOLETE] Hue Motion Sensor (beta) (no hue bridge)

My guess is that this is related to the OTA (over the air) zigbee firmware update. People with Osram RGBW bulbs are having the same problem.

What’s happening is that the smart things hub is sending out a message saying that it can do over the air firmware updates now.

Devices are supposed to check in to see if there’s an update for them.

Currently, the smartthings hub will only have updates for the SmartThings branded zigbee devices.

It appears that some other devices think they are supposed to be waiting on an update and are just going into their wait pattern and stop functioning.

You can try going into the IDE, turn off OTA updates for your account, then power down the hub (including taking out the batteries if any) and leave it off power for at least 20 minutes.

When it comes back on power all the zigbee devices should sync up again and this may solve the problem as the hub will no longer be broadcasting its OTA message. In any case this is one of those “can’t hurt might help” procedures which is probably worth trying.