[OBSOLETE] Hue Motion Sensor (beta) (no hue bridge)

Has someone got a webCoRE piston that controls lights with motion and lux using this device handler that i can look at please? I completely missed the part about changing the 30 in line 152 to 10 and have been playing around with webCoRE and chasing my tail rather a lot and have got myself in a bit of a muddle!

Hi im wondering if anyone are having issues with those sensors recently, i got 4 of them and im having very bad time with them. They used to be very reliable and responsive, but in the past week, its a nightmare
They dont seem to pick up motion, i see the red led flashes when i pass by them but i dont see them trigger anything. Sometimes they do detect motion but then it looks like it get stuck the in the same state

I do have other sensors (like the cheap xiaomi ones) they work fine
I tried reseting etc… same results

@rugbyjack2005 did you manage to find a piston for WebCoRE? If not, I have one you can look at

@Townsmcp Yes please! My piston works more or less but there are plenty of issues with it - comes on when it shouldn’t, doesn’t come on when it should etc.

sorry, only just saw your reply. see attached

You can also check the DTH that i just created. It reports better and allows sensor sensitivity and motion duration config.

Hue motion sensor (no hue bridge)


Interesting, thanks.

Out of interest, what difference does it make closing the the first if statement and creating a separate if statement for inactivity rather than combining it?

I would have thought it makes no difference. Personally, I did it that way to help trouble shoot for myself - I find it easier to step into it this way by separating out the 2 sections I want in the same piston, that way I know what section to go to depending on the issue. With separating it all out in this way I don’t run into problems and don’t really need to keep an eye on TCP etc

I’m after some help. I set up the device handler in ST from this thread. Disconnect the hue sensor from Philips hub. Searched for it in ST app and it’s found but then it keeps saying checking status then after a few minutes it says it’s disconnected. And for the love of me I don’t no why. Any help would be really appreciated please.

@skenny16 how did you disconnect from the Hue hub? Did you push a pin into the back of the sensor for around 10 seconds until the light on the front starts flashing green/orange? If not, push a pin in until it flashes and then do a search in the ST app for devices.
Also it pays to do it near the Hue hub

Yeh I did that and next to the hub. But it just shows in the app but just disconnected

Ok. Are you holding the pin in until the light comes on green first and then flashes orange/green before removing the pin? I’ve just added 2 new motion sensors and all ok

Think I’ve got it now. I think I stopped to early and didn’t wait till both colours flashed. And was looking into the ST app not the classic ST app. Seems to be working now. Only think I notice is the LED on the front dose not turn red when detects motion light it did in the Hue app

I’ve seen it do the red light every now and then. Mainly when the sensor hasn’t seen activity for a while

Anybody on this thread, need your help, I am having some zigbee issues with my hue, it is not your DTH, but to know if you can check something for me? Can you look at your hub event logs and tell me if you see your hue motion doing a zbjoin every 5 to 15 min?

Was just wondering, why use these sensors. Why not just smartthings where there is no need for troubleshooting and less reliability.?

Honestly, I got this sensor before there were many other good options. I wouldn’t do it again.

@Dechlan_jacobs peri sally for me the Hue sensors are much better at detecting motion than the older ST motion sensor. However the big reason is lux- ST doesn’t have lux capability on the sensor

I have version two motion sensors and they oil great.
Can I ask Wat examples would you up for lux .

Would you not just use sun set or a timer?

sorry, new to all this. ive installed the 2 device handlers, however what next? could you please add some install steps to the first post?