[OBSOLETE] Hue B Smart (Smart and FAST Hue Lighting)

Needing some help. Got the smartapp and DTH installed, bridge was found and linked, but it has not found the devices. How long does that take, it as been searching for 20 min?

Ok, I got them all, but same issue as last couple people bulb names did not come thru.

@infofiend has not gotten around to making the necessary changes as pointed out by @Collisionc below. So make sure you change the lines manually in the mean time, and you’ll see the names.

Change “b.name” to “b.label” in lines 382, 397 and 411.

I already manually renamed them, do I still need to change the code or I am I good to go?

@infofiend Hello, hoping you can help me. Got everything up and running last night. Made a change on my hue bridge today and it the refresh on Hue b smart and now it is not reimporting my devices and all of the lists are now blank. All of my devices are still working on ST, but no lists in Hue b smart. I did notice the below error. How do I get the devices back in the list?

@infofiend, Ok, got everything back plus all the new changes I made. I must have taken 45 minutes to an hour to finish the search process. Did not expect that at all.

@infofiend: Having some problems with many Smartthings colors that may be related with Hue and Saturation transforms to xy values. Detailed here: [DEPRECATED] Ask Alexa 2.2.3

Also seeing weird behavior of the settings for the bulbs within the ST app when using a Hue B Smart device–essentially, I can’t seem to set the Saturation when colormode is HS (Hue Saturation).

@WB70 Did you get this working? I noticed the same when I initially had to re-set my lights and groups. Make sure you are going into the ST app under “my home” --> “things” and run “add a thing” You should see all of your Hue things after that, even using this DTH. This is because ST now sees Hue locally.

Hi Stacy,

No I never got this working and haven’t heard back from anyone after posting my novel with the IDE Log.

I’m not sure what you are stating. My Hue Bridge and all of my Hue Devices show up appropriately in Things. They have been in place for 6 months. The problem I am encountering is that the Hue B Smart App when I select it from Automations attempts to discover the Hue Bridge. I have let it sit for hours on end, and it never returns from that routine. Doesn’t return the Hue Bridge, although the logging shows that the Bridge was discovered with the correct IP Address of the Hue Bridge, but it never goes beyond that. It continuously repeats that as shown in the logging that I originally posted. I have taken my Hue Bridge Offline by powering it off / on. I have given the Hue Bridge a different IP Address and it just never comes back. What I am not going to do is Delete my perfectly working Hue Bridge (yes it’s online in ST) with my 10 Gen 3 Color bulbs, 1 Hue Go, 1 Color Strip Light, and 1 Hue Motion Sensor that have been working perfectly fine within ST. I have no idea why the Bridge Discovery won’t return from the Discovery routine in SmartThings. Maybe the developer has an idea.

Not sure if the Device Handlers are only looking at the Device Types of “Hue Bulb…”. I mention this because ALL of my Hue Devices have the Device Type of “LAN Hue Bridge, LAN Hue Extended Color Bulb”… I am wondering if the Device Handlers have an issue with this. These Device Types were installed on their own when the devices were discovered by SmartThings.

Anyway, hoping someone can shed some light on this. Developer please see my previous mile long post above. :slight_smile:



Did you have you Hue hub connected to ST when you tried this? IF so that is your issue, have to remove the hub and let hue b smart add it.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting back to me. So forgive me, but as someone who had not previously installed any of the prior Smart Apps related to this one, and coming across specifically the Hue B Smart App, where is there any reference in the installation instructions, prerequisites, etc… that I can find a reference to the Hue Bridge and Hue devices not existing in SmartThings prior to installing / discovering while using the B Smart App or that if all my Hue Things already exist in SmartThings, they must be removed prior to installing B Smart as the B Smart app will discover everything and create everything in ST? Is it buried somewhere in the legacy applications that were created before B Smart?

As someone who just came across this, here is the documentation that I read prior to creating the Smart App and Device Handlers:


Hue B Smart - total control of Hue Bulbs, Groups, Scenes, and more!

This is a follow-up to my earlier Hue Connect Service Manager called Hue Lights Groups Scenes (oh my). This version has ability to integrate & control all of your (i) Hue Color Bulbs, (ii) Hue Lux Bulbs, (iii) Hue Color Groups, (iv) Hue Lux-Only Groups, and (v) Hue Scenes.

Its very fast and responsive (whether controlling a bulb, group, or a scene). It is a complete overhaul from the HLGS app, so if you are switching from that app, you will unfortunately need to start over. A PITA, yes, but I’m sure that you’ll be very happy with the end result.

Installation To install, you will need to import the Hue B Smart app AND all of the relevant DTHs into the IDE. If you only have Hue Color bulbs, then you will need to import (i) the bridge DTH, (ii) the Hue Bulb DTH, (iii) the Hue Group DTH, (iv) and the Hue Scenes DTH. If you also have Hue Lux bulbs, then you will also need to import (v) the Hue Lux Bulb DTH and (vi) the Hue Lux Group DTH.

This version does not have the ability to create, delete, or modify groups or the ability to create or delete scenes directly. That functionality will come in version 1.1, along with the ability to incorporate Hue Hub schedules (and maybe more!). In the meantime, if you need to create / delete groups or scenes, you will need to use either the Philips Hue app or the CLIP API debugger (instructions for the CLIP debugger can be found here.

You can update the level, hue, and saturation settings for an existing scene by clicking the “Update Scene” tile in any Scene device. Note, however, that all of the lights of that scene will be updated when you do so.

Scenes As in the HLGS app, scenes are momentary devices. A new feature is the “setToGroup” function for scenes. This function (which you can use in CoRE) allows you to apply the selected scene to a single Group – rather than to all of the bulbs in that Scene. This means that you do not need to set up individual scenes for each Room / Group, thus drastically reducing the number of scenes you need.

For example, I have 25 Hue lights in my house. I set up a single scene for each of my location modes (e.g., “Morning”, “Daytime”, “Nighttime”, “Late”, etc.). I then set up a CoRE Piston for each room of my house, and when the appropriate conditions are met for each room, I use the same Scene momentary device as the action, calling the “setToGroup” function and use that room’s group number as the parameter. My Living Room group has the groupID of “1” (each Group device displays its groupID number), so to apply the Morning Scene only in my Living Room, I select the “Morning” momentary switch, use the “setToGroup” task, and set Parameter #1 (type Number) to the value of 1. I then limit that action to execute only when my house is in Morning mode, and repeat this for each of my modes.

In this way, I really don’t use the groups themselves at all – they are just parameters for how / where I want my Scenes to work.

Of course, if I want any scene to work on all of the lights, I just push that Scene’s momentary button (scenes, by default, use a Group of “0” - which the Hue Hub interprets as “all lights”).

Please let me know if you run into any problems, or have any suggestions.

And, if you feel like making a donation for these community efforts, it would be greatly appreciated: https://www.paypal.me/anthonypastor . Thanks!

The fact that I have to remove my Bridge and Devices prior to installing will be hard enough, considering I have so many automations and routines tied to everything, not to mention all my Action Tiles that I have defined for every device, but had I read something specific whether if this is your first time installing one of my Hue Apps, please read the following as these are things you must check or perform before installing this app. I would have known this up front and would have been better prepared for what I would need to accomplish first rather than spending days, diagnosing, troubleshooting and testing over and over to no avail. Based on the README that I read associated to the HUE B Smart App, it looked like a slam dunk to get this installed and up and running. If I missed something somewhere that I didn’t read, I truly apologize, but from the information I obtained for this App, I saw nothing that noted that the Bridge and/or Hue Devices should not already be added to ST. Well at least now I can stop spinning my wheels and trying to figure out why. I guess I will plan things out before taking the plunge after I document everything that all my devices are Used By across the board and replacing everything with some virtual devices before removing them.

I appreciate the heads up today on removing the Bridge.



It is not listed on the app or anywhere else, I asked the developer of the app in this string. I also had to remove everything and readd, was a pain, but the benefits are worth it.

Did you get this resolved. When I did my transition, I just took a screen shot of all the apps associated to my hue lights. I then did 1 massive delete, I removed the Hue Connect app which deleted the hue bridge and all the lights. I then took out my screen shot and simply went into each app opened it up and just clicked on each light and changed it to the correct one. I did not have to rebuild any of my smartapps or CoRE pistons, I just changed the device from the old one to the new one. I hope this helps!

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My hub update is tomorrow morning so I will plan on doing this over the weekend. I will let ya know how it goes. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot for developing this. Do I need to remove all my HUE Bulbs prior to setting up the smartapp?

Thanks again


As Jason kindly stated for me after I looked through tons of documentation and finding no instructions or prerequisites that say anything about your bridge and hue devices not being in SmartThings before you install, the answer is yes. You only need to remove the Bridge though. When you remove the Bridge from ST, I believe that it tells you that it is going to remove all of your other devices. Try to avoid the pain I already experienced above. I will be performing this after my firmware upgrade goes through.

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Fixed the color transform problem in the DTH for the Hue Color Bulb and created a pull request.

Update: So after my successful firmware upgrade on Friday, I proceeded to run through the process of trying to get B Smart added again. I first proceeded by removing my Hue Bridge from SmartThings which in turn also removed all of the Hue Bulbs associated. I also removed the Hue Sensor although it is not dependent on the bridge.I then went back into MarketPlace and launched the Hue B Smart which then added to my Automations. When I went to the Automations and selected the Hue B Smart App, it began the discovery process again. It just spins and spins like it did before. It never returns with a Bridge. I validated that I had no phantom devices that existed anywhere in IDE. It is doing the same exact thing even when I had all the devices added in SmartThings prior. I have removed the Automation and then proceeded to delete the SmartApp. I went back into Things and added a New Thing. My bridge was discovered in 5 seconds and all my bulbs added appropriately. Why this Hue B Smart cannot appropriately discover and return my bridge back to the app, I have no idea. I had originally supplied the IDE Logging way up above, but have heard nothing back from any developer.

I am running things like NST Manager and MyQ Garage apps and they have way more complexity and they are running fine on my system. The time and effort I have put in for this little application to add a little more flavor isn’t worth it. I am no longer interested in adding this SmartApp to my SmartThings. My Bridge and bulbs work fine with all my other automations and I have many external android apps doing things with my bulbs which is exceptional, so Hue B or not Hue B, that is the question. LOL.

Thanks for your time on this Jason.

I am sorry I wish I could be more help, try contacting the owner of the app.

No worries. I’m glad you chimed in to try and help.

Honestly, my time is more valuable than adding one more minute spent on this.

If the developer comes across the thread and reads my original post and they have something specific they can tell me as to why this is occurring maybe I will spend a little more time. I have already added my bridge / bulbs back into the dozen or so places they were used by before so I am WILL NOT be removing these devices from my SmartThings again. I think it would be absolutely ridiculous that this app wouldn’t work with these devices already discovered and existing in SmartThings. That doesn’t make a single bit of sense to me that you would have to remove them and allow the B Smart SmartApp to discover them. No matter, it’s all good and not something I need at the moment.