[OBSOLETE] Hue B Smart (Groups & Scenes) - Remove Popcorn Effect!

Will this work with Hue Outside lights like Appear, Calla, lightstrips, and Econic?

Yes, shouldn’t be a problem

I am new to Hue B Smart. Just downloaded the code from here:

I have imported the Smart App by pasting in the code. Publishing it For Me, then saving.

I also imported the DTH’s by pasting in the code, publishing it for me, then saving.

On Smartthings, I added the Smart App. When I open Hue B Smart, it starts looking for my bridge. It finds the bridge and lists it under “Unlinked Bridges.” I tap on it, then it tells me to press the link button on the hue bridge.

If I do this in ST Classic, it takes me back to the smart apps list without doing anything. If I tap again, it shows that my bridge is Unlinked.

If I do this in the newer ST, after I press the link button, the screen is black except for the “< Hue B Smart” heading in the upper left and has a blue “Next” at the bottom middle. I press “Next” and then I get an error “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again.”

I’ve power cycled my ST hub and Hue Bridge to no avail. Any ideas what’s happening?


I’ve tried this several times - same result.

Is this no longer supported for the new app or is it being reworked? I migrated and can’t add lights or do anything in the new app.

This app is no longer supported due to the classic app sunset on the 14th October and Groovy sunset within the next 6 months, I will not be updating to the new API as I have moved to hubitat and using CoCoHue on there instead.

If smartthings hasn’t added local control of groups & scenes to its official hue integration before the Groovy sunset I would recommend you look into dumping ST they are just to slow to add features

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Question for the group… has anyone migrated over to the official smartthings/hue integration after using Hue B Smart for a while? I recently tried to add it through the new app but it keeps erroring out after hitting my hue bridge button and waiting.

Could this be due to not having removed the hue b smart smartapp? I’m hesitant to until I’ve added the ST version bc I have a ton of lights and groups and using them inside alexa too. I realize I’ll have to do a lot of setting up again but want to make sure it’s all worth it. I mean, eventually, I guess I’ll have to.

Would also like to add that ST is saying this hue/ST integration is handled locally which is nice. I am concerned I’ll be reverting back to popcorn effect which Hue B Smart took care of for me.

I’m pretty sure that if you want to use the official integration, you need to remove your bridge from Hue B Smart. Otherwise there will be a conflict.

Also, the official integration still doesn’t have support for groups and scenes created in the Hue app. If this is important to you, then you might want to keep Hue B Smart for now.

I personally have moved my Hue lights over to Hubitat using CocoHue. I am also using Hub Connect to sync my Hubitat and SmartThings hubs to one another.

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I think I could recreate groups inside of ST or probably just use alexa, though my guess is that in my room with 8 overhead lights, I’d be dealing with some popcorn effect.

I’m interested in the hubitat and cocohue idea, but my time is limited. Do you think it’s worth all the setup? I’m all for having a reliable and flexible setup, but I get nervous that too many connections will be more time consuming to maintain.

I think it’s worth it, although your mileage may vary. Hubitat is much more difficult to set up than SmartThings. I’d recommend checking out some reviews and videos on it before taking the leap to see if it is something you’d feel comfortable with.

I have only just got around to moving my zigbee devices from ST to hubitat now lights come on one step into the room. Also it will do that with no Internet. Still issues with zwave on C7 hub so still havent moved them from ST

So is there any workaround at this point to manage bulbs or scenes with the new app since the old one is locked out? One of my scenes has stopped working so I re-created it but I’m not able to add it to SmartThings…tapping add or remove does nothing. Moving to an entirely new platform and re-setting everything up from scratch is not feasible. Are there any other options?

Maybe it would be a salty suggestion, but I’d give up and move to Home Assistant. I had SmartThings setup and used this Hue B for nice multiple lights control etc. But the whole approach is outdated and more over not supported anymore. Home Assistant and Node-Red opens the whole new horizon of home automation.

When Samsung kill groovy completely the app will be dead, I expect your be lucky to get another 6 months of groovy apps

So two options move to another hubs that as better support of groups and scenes or move to the official ST Hue app and hope they improve it with groups and scenes

I have a Pi setup with Home Assistant but really only use it as a front end/dashboard. I’ve tried Node-Red but just can’t get the hang of it. I like that its more visual, but I don’t like figuring out all the coding.

WebCoRE on the other hand just makes more sense to me. It’s text, but so much easier to click and fill things in.

I know Hubitat can run things like WebCoRE and I’ve seen a YouTube video on how to move it over. Does Hue B Smart work with Hubitat? If I have to move platforms, I’d rather re-create everything with something I’m familiar with rather then starting from scratch with something like Node-Red that works completely different.

Hubitat has a app called CoCoHue the person started from scratch and its far more efficient than Hue B Smart, it also runs locally on the hub so its far faster than Hue B Smart ever was its refrshed every min rather than 5 with hue b smart

I’ve been using this for ages, but now I have extra lights to add that I can’t with hue b smart. As such, I now want to remove the install to proceed with native hue integration.

I have been unable to remove it whatsoever.

Any ideas?

Just went through this, was a bit of a pain. You first need to remove all existing connections to your Hue devices from any other SmartApps, dashboards, etc you have in your setup.

If you click on ‘Delete Bridge’ within Hue B Smart it will tell you which of your Hue devices are still being ‘used’ - until this list is empty you cannot remove HBS. If after removing all the obvious connections any Hue devices are still listed here, as was my case, you can check what is still using them via the MyDevices tab on the SmartThings webpage.

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Was a royal PITA. Took hours to sort out. I had to delete everything one at a time in IDE and in the app as deleting one did not delete the other. Then delete all the device handlers.

First I had to remove all the devices from webcore (both instances) before I could remove any devices.


is the Hue B Smart (updated 2019) more popular/reliable or the Hue (Re)Connect? I see the latter referenced here but more so to mention that neither worked.

@tmleafs - my Hue stopped working inside of SmartThings yesterday. Do you know if there is a way to move to CoCoHue or is anyone else having this same issue?