[OBSOLETE] Hue Accessories and rooms using Hue Bridge (TAP, Motion Sensor, Dimmer Switch) [DEPRECATED]

That did it…

yes, that is the idea, you can check button press coming through on the device events.

Ugh! I deleted everything from the accesories part (motion and dimmer) and now I only get the motion sensor back in the ST environment…

okay…sorry, I introduced an option to select what sensors types you want to add (i did not want all of them). Open the app and select all …!

nothing… can’t see it… :frowning:

must be the first option under version 1.06.

Select Sensor Types
Select Hue Bridges

Yea, I see that, but I can’t see the “new” dimmer…

just tap all as selected and press done…

wait a little, it should show. if not press done and reenter, if still nothing, i will need to recreate :slight_smile:

I tried restarting the app, refreshing, even deleted and reinstalled the app… nothing will make the dimmer come back to life… sigh

I guess what happens is the following…did you need to paste the API key from the IDE? If so, it does not notice that the field has changed (i have multiple Hue bridges, i just tried with 1). When you paste the API key, to force the change just tap select sensor types again and press done, it then should appear (it can take max 1 minute!)

I see a bug…just wait a sec, will upload 1.07 in a few minutes

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I deleted the hue motion sensor, therefore the app disappeared too… reinstalled… put the api key, and only the motion sensor appeared… but it’s at 0 lux (there’s still light around) 0 battery and lots of motion… ugh…

EDIT: Just saw your 1.07 post…

1.07 on github.

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Version 1.08 is now on Github, it will put devices in ST offline-online if the device cannot be reached in Hue or if not configured in Hue.

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Thanks a lot, this is the only way to use philips tap with smartthings.

But, unfortunately, Hue Sensor (Connect) smart app doesn’t recognize hue bridge.

I tried other kinds of smart apps which connects to hue bridge, and they works well.

I really hope this useful smart app to properly work.

(firmware of smartthings hub is up-to-date.)

Hi. The app is depending on the fact that the bridge is already connected
via either the standard Super Lan Connect which I have myself. Or via an
app that is exposing the capability bridge and has the api connection as an
attribute. The last method I have not tested, it should work for app like
Hue B Smart.


Oh, now I understand. Now working well. Thanks!

To clarify, this code doesn’t work without the Hue Bridge, is that correct? Am I right in believing that getting the Hue Dimmer Switch to work directly in SmartThings (Without a Hue Hub) isn’t a possibility? Are there any other options for zigbee, or Z-way remotes that do work?