[OBSOLETE] - Hive (Connect) V3.2c (British Gas Hive)

I have followed the instructions but am stuck…I am on q8 and already have the hive app and st app. I cannot see smartapps tab anywhere…HELP!
thanks :slight_smile:

are you looking in the IDE for the SmartApps or in the ST app?

I’ve looked in both I think. In THE IDE there is the app in it from the code I copied and pasted. Can’t see anything in the ST app

Did you go through the oauth process for the Smartapp and did you install the device handlers as well as the app.

Once you have that setup then you go to marketplace, SmartApps, my apps in the ST classic app.

It’ll be in their. Once you go through the initial setup in the classic app you’ll then see it in the automations tab in the classic app.

Might not be important but there’s a typo in the word ‘unshedule’ in the TRV code which might make the TRV unresponsive? Not picking fault but I would spell it unschedule.

Or it might be a US/UK spelling thing…

that is why they became unresponsive for me, I never noticed the spelling mistake, I just commented out that line and they started working.

Now that I know the spelling mistake I can go add the line back in (with the correct spelling of course) and see what effect it has :slight_smile:

thanks for this

just fixed the spelling mistake in mine and so far so good, nice spot mate, thanks.

@bibbleq @Alyc100 thought you guys might like to know of this as well.

I can confirm that fixing this spelling mistake fixes the issue.


did anyone build this?

Thanks, fixed the typo on my github. Wonder why it didn’t trip over that in my deployment?! ah well hope thats now working okay!

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Mate I am having an issue where devices that have been removed from smartthings and hive without being removed in the app first is showing as a NULL device and causing all sorts of havoc.

Also the devices until 5pm (UK time) this evening were visible and controllable in the new ST V3 app, since then they have just disappeared, all the devices, they are still in the classic app but in the new app they are not. They were definitely there before that time.

The only change I have made to my hive stuff is that I removed some devices (as mentioned above) but more importantly all my TRVs were updated to the latest firmware (10F), I have had all my devices firmwares updated by Hive in the past and this has never caused an issue, so I am inclined to believe that this issue is caused by the NULL pointers in the devices pane.

I have tried many things to resolve this issue, however no matter what I do I cannot get it to work. I have had a look at the code as well and can’t seem to see where the issue is.

I can see that you have some code there to try and clear NULL devices, however for some reason it doesn’t appear to be working.

Any suggestions? This has been driving me nuts for weeks (the NULL devices issue)

I’m getting an error message when setting up my give devices, the smartapp finds all of the devices but when I click save, it says there was an error

Does the devices then appear in your list things?

I got an email with your post contents. Did you get the issue fixed?

Can anyone offer any tips of fault finding?

I had V2 working great and running on both classic and new app.

I deleted everything and installed v3.0

The Ide shows the smartapp installed and the device handlers loaded and they show both heat Hing and water online.

The classic app shows all running ok, but the new app shows both the devices, however if I tap on either of them, they both say, “can’t connect device, check device and try again”??

Any ideas before I roll back to V2

when you say v3 do you mean v3 of the Smartapp or the SMT app.

I am going to assume you mean the Smartapp.

I have v3 of the Smartapp installed and works with both the classic app and the ST app (V3)

However I do have a number of devices that are broken in the V3 ST app since the latest update and this is down to the iOS beta that I am running (13.3). Not sure if you are on iOS or not, and if you are if you are running the beta. IF you are it could be a similar issue you are facing.

Hi Neil, thanks for reaching out, but I did get it resolved shortly after posting the note - hence deleting it. Went back into my Hive account and it was indeed locked after too many password attempts from failing to finish ntering my password. Did a de- and re-install of the smartapp and managed to log in, and all works as expecting, with my thermostats and water appearing in SmartThings app. Unfortunately didn’t do what I was hoping, which was for my thermostats to appear on SmartThings in my car!

This might sound stupid but make sure there isn’t a space going in after the last character especially when pasting.

Silly question, but will the Hive heating intregration discussed above work with the New App as I see the screen prints are from the old Classic App which I love but reluctantly have had to move away from?

Thank you so much,


Yes it does.

My issue was related to the location issue announced by ST, all now resolved.

Anyone know how to activate the boost heating function in the new app?