[OBSOLETE] - Hive (Connect) V3.2c (British Gas Hive)

The environment variables in step 9 haven’t been defined properly. If using Windows 10, you need the commands
$env:CognitoUserPoolUsers = ‘eu-west-1_SamNfoWtf’ and then
$env:CognitoUserPoolClientWeb = ‘3rl4i0ajrmtdm8sbre54p9dvd9’

If that fails, you can always edit the index.js to hardcode these values.
replace all occurrences of process.env.CognitoUserPoolClientWeb (appears twice) with '3rl4i0ajrmtdm8sbre54p9dvd9'

and all occurrences of process.env.CognitoUserPoolUsers (appears once) with 'eu-west-1_SamNfoWtf'

so for example the line (appears twice in index.js)
ClientId: process.env.CognitoUserPoolClientWeb
ClientId: '3rl4i0ajrmtdm8sbre54p9dvd9'

and the line (appears once in index.js)
const userPoolId = process.env.CognitoUserPoolUsers.split('_')[1]
const userPoolId = 'eu-west-1_SamNfoWtf'.split('_')[1]