[OBSOLETE] Google Fit Tile

I’ve merged @bfara83’s changes which add calories and heart rate data to the app. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Thanks! I’ve just copied the new code and saw the changes.


Are you able to update the following on the Device Handler so it works correctly on WebCoRE?

    attribute "stepsgoal", "string"
    attribute "caloriesgoal", "string"
    attribute "weightgoal", "string"

Change all of these to Strings instead of Numbers. WebCore wasn’t getting correct values for these until I updated this on the Device Handler.

Here’s an example of a piston in webCoRE that I use this Device Handler for: https://community.webcore.co/t/google-fit-tiles/1555

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Hi, Is there any way to add two Fit users info to the one shared hub? I tried setting up a developers account for my wife also but since there can only been one instance of the smartapp I can’t seem to add her account too. TIA.