[OBSOLETE] GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch Cover WA00Z-1 (see post #135 for 2023 Edge Driver)

Im trying to get my gocontrol wa00z-1s to work. Ive got button mc, button mc-test, device config mc, thing mc and contact mc drivers installed and they all show on the installed drivers list. when i open the device in the device list and do the drop down for the driver the thing mc and the device config mc are the only 2 that show up other than the standard zwave switch driver

Change to zwave thing mc driver and post the information displayed by the app.

It is important in the name of the drivers if it is Zigbee or Z-wave, for example, contact mc does not exist in Z-wave, it is Zigbee Contact Mc, it will never be shown as an option on a Z-wave device.

The driver you are looking for must be Z-Wave Button Mc

This might have been what you are requesting

Hi @Ty_SHerman

I can’t find any information about the WA00Z-1S model, it has different fingerprints than the WA00Z-1 existing in the driver
I have included it as if it were the same as the WA00Z-1, try to see if it works.

You have to uninstall the previous versions of the driver and install this new one
Then exclude device and reinstall with this new driver version.
You do not perform a driver change to this driver version, you could have offline device issues

 Name         Z-Wave Button Mc
 Version      2023-12-15T10:52:33.617080508        
- id: GoControl/WA00Z-1S
    deviceLabel: GoControl WA00Z-1S
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x5754
    productId: 0x3530
    deviceProfileName: multi-button-2


Did the device work with this driver?

I feel super dumb for typing this but I have been all over this post and don’t see the link to the new edge driver. I had to reset my hub and now sorting through alot of reconnection issues. One of them being these WA00Z-1 buttons. Can somebody help me out if you have second?

Thanks, sorry to be a pain.

Install Z-Wave Button Mc driver for his channel

Thank you! I was struggling.

When I went to the page the button said UNINSTALL instead of INSTALL for that driver. But when I go to my app, I don’t see an option for it yet. That makes me think, how does that driver know to download to my hub? I never linked my hub to this forum. I have to remember how I did this…

There have been problems loading the drivers to Hub. You just have to wait for the driver to load.

You can get driver list when you in ST App go to Hub and from menu (three dots) select Driver.