[OBSOLETE] Garden Hue: New smartapp to change hue color on a cycle or random, sunset to sunrise

I just bought the osram gardenspots and am installing them this weekend. This is exactly what I was looking for but I have 1 question or suggestion. Can you make it so it turns off at a certain time instead of -5 hours from sunrise? I want mine to turn off at midnight.

When I get a chance I can add that but for now you can schedule with anything such as smart lighting to turn off the light and it will do it…

Never thought of that, thank you.

I use CoRE (rule engine) for complex (to me) setup for the lights… Motion late at night gives me a 10% dim soft light, when we are awake but it’s dark, we get 80% light (brighter white on morning, more yellow white in evening). And then, when we are sitting down watching TV in the evening all my mood lighting comes on - I use a virtual switch to turn on the colour changing mode from this app. That swicth control is awesome for my needs

This is awesome! Thank you!

Works very well with the Lifx bulbs also. Thanks for the app, it is very interesting.

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I just installed this with a virtual switch, and it works nicely. Thanks!

I have one request for an improvement: In mysend:

if (sendPushMessage != “No”)

Make that
if (sendPushMessage == “Yes”)

It took me a minute to figure out that all the push notifications were going off on my wife’s phone because I hadn’t selected “No” in the preferences.


why do you need a virtual switch the garden hue or light are a real switch and can be scheduled as such?

For folks who don’t have a need to do this every day sunset to sunrise, check out the Hue Disco mobile app. It has a Mood mode that lets you pick which lamps, color range, cycle intervals, and transition times.

You can create your own custom themes as well, and there are even several special themes such as Christmas Lights and Candlelight.

The only drawback at present is that you either have to leave it on (and remember to shut it off), or use the built-in in timer (which only goes up to 2 hours). I’ve written the dev asking for much longer values… hopefully they will add this in a future build.

Because it’s annoying to go into the app and enable/disable the app every time I decide I don’t want the app to run. You put this feature into the app (bind it to a switch)… Maybe that’s not how you intended it to work but it works great for me.

In my setup, a real switch (z-wave) turns on my office lights. This triggers a smartlighting rule which turns on my hue accent lights. Virtual switch enables/disables the app on those lights.

Hue Disco is outside the SmartThings ecosystem. Maybe it works great, but it’s not tied in to the rest of my setup.

no that is the way I wrote it… at the time I asked you I forgot… the enable/disable will follow the switch.

So I have been using this app for a few days and it has been great. Recently however, I have been getting a push notification every time it turns on or even changes color. I have mine set to change every 5 mins so you can see how that would be a little overwhelming by morning. I verified that I have no notification setting set up in the app and even removed and reinstalled the app to no avail. Is anyone having a similar issue and if so, any fixes? Thanks in advance for any help!

Okay, I finally got around to installing the app, and noticed that there is no option to set the colors . Right now I had the 3 sets of lights across the porch set so 1 was white, 1 was red and the other was blue. I ( mistakenly obviously) thought that I could have them rotate between those colors with the app. not just have the change randomly.

That would be AWESOME! Pick your changing colors for different holidays!


I’m about buy these gardenspot lights. What is the maximum amount of add-on lights u can put on? I read where you can add up to 2 sets of 3 lights, but other people are connecting 2 sets of 14 footers together with no degradation of light output… What is everyone doing? Do they hold up in snowpack in the wintertime?

Do you have them daisy chained together? or separate?

I have 2 base modules 1 with the main and 3 extension sets and the other with the main and 2 extension sets on it. They start from the middle of the porch and go either way around it, so I can set the whole porch 1 color or 1 side one color and the other side another color. Can’t speak of the snow pack since I took the little spike off and screwed them to the underside of the fascia around the porch.
My " third set" is 2 5M strips of Taotronic Leds same way but with 1 controller in the middle with a 2way splitter going out 5M in each direction. Since they both connect right to the power supply there is no degrade along them . Maybe they are not as bright as they could be if I only had 1 set, but they are PLENTY bright enough to light up the whole yard if on white.

thanks…looking forward to them coming in the mail. Just picked up two of these for $89.00

Do i have to install this somewhere as am not seeing it under the smartapps sections of the app? Can some one point me to the steps to install this? Thanks