[OBSOLETE] Garageio Integration - 2022-01-29

I preordered the Pixel XL as well :slight_smile:

I also have an Automatic adapter and you have two options. One is to connect it to IFTTT which then can connect to SmartThings and trigger events but IFTTT is much too slow. You’d be sitting in your driveway waiting for it to go up an awful lot. The other options is to use a community integration by @yvesracine shown here:

I had an early release version before he turned it into a paid app and it was okay enough, but there isn’t much you can really automate with it. You’d very likely have to at least get the Pro with 3G connectivity to have any real hope for speed. I have the Gen 2 version which is still Bluetooth connected to my phone. Not really sure how well it works as a presence device. You could inquire in his thread. Maybe he’ll give me a free license for tossing a customer his way :wink:

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