[OBSOLETE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller (DTH)

Currently no brightness tile in ST, and I have no idea how to set a value for the tile. If you know please let me know so that and other commands can be added.

There are a few options. First is to use the lighting muti-attribute tile that includes a slider for brightness (although the generic muti-attribute tile might be more appropriate here.)

Alternatively, a regular slider can be achieved with a Slider tile which allows setting the range to 0…255 (but is 0-100 by default)

Or you can keep it as a 0-100 dimmer and multiply the value by 2.55, round to the nearest whole number and send that to fully.

Updated version now available with Tiles to test most of the available commands.

Hello -
I have installed this DTH and when I click on “speak” it plays a message on the tablet so I assume it is working. I was hoping to use this play a chime if a door is opened (small children in the house) but not sure how to do this - any help would be appreciated

Follow directions for adding a chime, beep, tone or any sound file of your choice to the target device as shown in Notes at the top of this thread, test it. Then use the device’s Chime or Beep command using WebCore or Groovy Smartapp.

Should you be using my SmartApp SHM Delay 2.0 there is an option in the Delay profile that does this.

To speak messages of your choice, try using BigTalker 2.0

Thank you for the fast reply. I am indeed using SmartApp SHM Delay 2.0 so do I just
select the Device I created in the “Beep/Chime these devices when real contact sensor opens” option?

If so, then it looks like I would need to create an additional profile for every door I wanted to chime when opened?

Also I added chime.mp3 to the Download directory on my Samsung Tablet but can not seem to find the correct path to it - I tried file:///Download/chime.mp3 and also file:///Device Storage/Download/chime.mp3 -any thoughts ?

Once again Thank you for taking the time to assist me !
Thanks -

All my tablets work great, But the don’t show in Big Talker or any speech programs. Am I missing something?

Please go to the documentation at the top of this thread, then scroll down to “Notes”.

When using SHM Delay, that is correct.
However, it should be easily accomplished with a single WebCore piston

BigTalker 2.0 is a SmartApp that must be installed into SmartThings

I have big talker installed it shows all my other devices, how ever when I go to configure devices the tablets do not show up. I currently have 9 devices in Big Talker.

Got it !!! I was reluctant to put “sdcard” in the path ( file:///sdcard/Download/filename.mp3) because my tablet does not have an sd card :slight_smile: - turns out that “sdcard” is actually a valid symlink to Android storage and I really should learn to follow instructions :slight_smile:
Thanks - Steve

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Each tablet or smartphone using Fully that will be a target device, requires a Smarthings Fully Browser DTH be created. The Smarthings devices may then be selected as destinations for BigTalker’s output messages. So nine tablets, means nine ST devices. Suggest starting with one and getting it to work before working on the remaining eight.

One critical part of the setup is to adjust your router to permanently reserve the IP Addresses assigned to the tablet/smartphones that are coded on the DTH settings. Otherwise your system will misbehave when the router is rebooted, or any of the devices fall off the network.

I totally understand. I am also new with this app to coding Android file names and initially shared your concerns with coding “sdcard” without having one in the device. The triple /// also does not feel right :crazy_face:

Ok so let me start over, I have always had Big Talker installed and working, I have 3 samsung tab tablets with Fully Kiosk installed with pro features set up and static ip’s assigned. I have created separate device types for each one and all the functions work in the app screen off, beep, speak all works no problems there. works well actually, but they will not show as speech devices in any smart app other then WebCoRe.

Make sure BigTalker is set up for Speech Synthesis not Music Player. If need be install a second instance of Big Talker.

It also appears the Fully Kiosk Browser DTH may need an update.

It should work as a speech synthesis device (it does for me), it’s always had this coded
capability “Speech Synthesis”
Very early versions had capability “SpeechSynthesis” which is used on Hubitat, but may not work on ST

I have jumped into the WebCore world and created a Piston to chime on any door opening, but I am not clear on the syntax to pass the request (and chime filename) over to Fully Browser Controller (DTH). I “can” push the “Beep” button in the App so I know at least that part is working. Thoughts ?
Thanks -

Set the DTH’s tone file name to mp3 file copied to the target device as defined in notes in the documentation, save it, test it with the DTH Beep or Chime tile. That seems to be working.

The piston executes the device or multiple devices beep or chime command when any defined contact sensor opens.

The speak function also works in WebCoRe.

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Device commands are now defined at the top of this thread.