[OBSOLETE] Foscam Camera Device Handler Universal DTH with Motion Detection - SD (FI89xx), HD Ambarella FI98xx, FI99xx, Cx, Gx, Rx, Ex, Zx, Fosbaby

Really enjoying this thanks RBoy. I will try to reboot and let you know. How do you delete the snapshots?

Thanks for creating this.

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You can’t, it’s a ST limitation, it’ll go away after a while. ST cloud controls it.


From reading above you seem very responsive and are about to gain another customer once I decide which cameras to purchase. Looking at the R2, the FI9826PB, and the FI9831P.

Is the R2 working? I could tell whether @kamy resolved the issue.

I believe it is, haven’t heard of any adverse reports yet

Yes the R2 works. I set one up a few days ago.

@RBoy i have an older FI8910W (Non-HD) that dosn’t seem to support Live Streaming is that right?

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It does works in our lab, possibly a connection or phone compatibility issue.

I have two cams a FI8910W and an R2 on the same network and same phone a Samsung Note 5. It is possible for one to work but not the other?

Edit: “Take” snapshot works its just the live streaming that dosnt (on the FI8910W)

Thank you.

@RBoy also wanted to mention that in your DH it states that presets are for HD camera’s only. But i just set presets 1 2 & 3 on my non-HD FI8910W and it looks like they are working fine. Is there a reason why the limit is 3?

The HD cameras allow for custom named presets hence you should only enter the names is you have a HD camera. SD cameras use standard names. Limit of 3 is just for design limitation on the ST app.

EDIT: And yes it can most definitely work on some phones and not others as it depends up on the phones capabilities as mentioned in the above posts. It works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 4S running iOS7 but not on my iPhone 6S running iOS 9. It’s a ST/Phone limitation, nothing to do with the DH.

So i’m having issues getting the app to work. I keep receiving “Please fill out required fields” on my Nexus 6. As far as i can tell everything is entered and i see no fields marked in red. I took screen shots and you can see them here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsOm8CAgkseSkMpDxsLDSFMWamhAAQ

It’s an issue with some Android devices, please report it to ST support with the screenshot and phone details so they can fix the ST app. @slagle Tim, FYI please, another user also reported this last week and copied you on the ticket.

EDIT: Please copy me on the ticket as they will likely blame the DH, I can provide them with any necessary details.

I submitted an email ticket and put your info on it.

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This is what i received from them:

Hey Spencer,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m sorry to say that we can’t offer support for SmartApps and Device Integrations found on the Community. Please understand that these integrations have not been reviewed or vetted by our engineers at SmartThings to ensure that they meet our standards for quality and security. For help with this SmartApp, you would want to contact the developer who developed the Foscam App directly.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if there’s anything else that we can help you with!


SmartThings Support

That’s what I said they would say :slight_smile: , tell me to reach out to me and Tim Slagle. This is a bug in the ST phone android app which only affects some phone models. @slagle

Ya i mentioned all that again. Hopefully they will actually contact Tim. I haven’t looked at the sdk much but are these based on java?

Here we a workaround posted by a user:

I found a work-around. I logged in to my smart things on the web and edited my device there, putting something in each required field. I then edited it on the phone and since each field contained data it allowed me to save. It seems the phone form is not passing one required field. I was able to get all 12 of my cams working with this, which I am VERY excited about, so GREAT JOB!! Hope this helps you with the DEV, If I can help test in some way let me know. I have a couple of Foscams, and several knock-opp, unbranded from China, two HD stationary cams (not foscam) and some other branded foscam wannabes. They ALL worked with this device handler! TOTALLY worth the $30 subscription!

That seemed to help a bit. I can see a live feed now but the other stuff doesn’t see to work. Watching the live logging i see it doing stuff though. I have FI9818W and FI9810W, which i believe were supported. The controls are working as i watch the changes from a web browser, but the image in the app is not displaying.

@rboy, Please fill out a developer support ticket with all the details.

Try this, enter your port as 3 digits, so instead of 80 enter 080. That seems to solve the issue for some users.

EDIT: @slagle done, submitted the ticket with the sample code to replicate.

If you don’t have a camera that has pan/tilt all the buttons at the bottom of the device are useless, can you put a setting to disable/hide those buttons for camera’s that don’t have the function?

The 080 value didn’t make a difference.