[OBSOLETE] Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 - FGRM-222 (DTH in post 24) (UK Device)

OK, update. After creating the device handler I got it connected.
Tried on the phone app, clicked B button three times very fast and I got it.

I will on the weekend connect to one of the roller shutters and try to calibrate.
Now if I change “percentage” I hear a click for a few seconds. Now sure now if it does up and down switch of if if closes only one of the outputs.

Hi @Alex_fonseca,

I’m still having problems in finding the device. Can you please tell me which device handler did you install ?

Thank you.
Daniel Duarte

I´ve created a “Create New Device Handler” and then selected “From Template”, then selected on the Templates “Fibaro Dimmer”.

I am not sure it is going to work. I only have the options "ON/OFF and then percentage, so how can I select up/down value to close 2 outputs, I am not sure…

Hi @Alex_fonseca,

Thank you for your input. I have created a new Device Handler as you state but I still cannot identify the device. I will be doing some more test and update on this thread.

If anyone as more hints on how to make my device detectable please let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Daniel Duarte

take a look:

:grin:Just to let you all know I got mine to work, opening and closing fully only.
% does not work but I can do automated sequences like close blinds at sunset.

I am going to buy 5 more and I will try to get the full description how to do it.

I’ve changed my device to “Fibaro Dimmer” and now I can get to close to percertages.
THAT IS GREAT!!! It Works 100%.

So I can confirm Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 is working 100%.
Just one note I have FGR-222 with firmware 2.5 not FGRM-222.



I have finally found the reason for not being detecting the FRM222. I had bough the Smartthings Hub on the US and the FRM222 on Europe. The z-wave frequencies are different depending on the region and this was the reason why it was not being detected at all.

Now I have finaly managed to detect and install as the Fibaro Dimmer which is working quite fine. The only problem is that the dim is not properly calibrated. When the blinds are all open I get on the fibaro dimmer bar around 20% and not 0% as expected. The dimming bar is always around 20% away from is real value (half of the blinds open represent on the “Fibaro Dimmer” dimmer bar around 70% and not 50%.

Does anyone knows how to calibrate this ?

Thank you.
Daniel Belém Duarte

Hi Daniel, wich fibaro you used then for the US Hub?


I have bought a new HUB ok the UK which uses the same frequencies as in Europe.

Thank you.

Hi Daniel, did you do the calibration of the Fibaro after connection.
Press Fibaro button for 3-6s until you get the blue light, temporarily release buton and press 1s again. It will do a full close and open and should solve it
Mine are working fine, only issue is 50% open corresponds to 50% motor rotation.
Since you have that period where the blinds are full down but not closed (they will start closing the small gaps between the rows), 50% means only real ~35% open.
But I can live with that.

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[solved] after calibration worked fine

Hi Alex.
So the base fibaro dimmer allows you to open the roller half way?
Mine is just working open or close

Hi, following your advice I set the device type to “Fibaro Dimmer” and I can work with % as well, but it seems a little off.
If I set the % at 50%, the shutter goes up about 20%.

Is there any way to correct it?

The FGRM-222 is correctly calibrated (the shutter stops correctly at the top and at the bottom).

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi Sulisenator,

I have the exact same problem. I have not investigated this any further so
I cannot help you.

Thank you.
Daniel Duarte


I have an EU version of the Fibaro FGR-222 and I wrote a device handler for it.

This device handler allow to open or close the roller shutter as well as define a level in percent. You can also configure if you have a momentary or toggle switch and you can also launch the calibration process of the module.

here is the link to the device handler


Hi there, I found the simplest method to achieve calibration to allow accurate % use was to ‘Calibrate through Menu (B-button)’ with the details available here http://manuals.fibaro.com/content/manuals/en/FGR-222/FGR-222-EN-A-v1.00.pdf


Hey, thanks, I did that already but with no success.

Hi, all.
I have installed Julien Bachmann’s (@julbmann) driver and it works great. The best thing is that you can calibrate remotely, without opening the blind box (that’s a nightmare in my case).

My only “complain” is esthetic, as Open appears in two lines. May be it’s a problem with my phone or with the ST software, but I can live with that!!

Thanks, Julien!!!

I MiguelR, I’m happy that you like it. If you can send me a screenshot that shows the probem of the two lines I will fix it.

Does anyone have a video showing how this controller works with smarthings and curtains or shades?