[OBSOLETE] Fibaro Motion Sensor - New device-handler with all settings and auto sync feature

Hi community,

This is my very own Fibaro Motion Sensor device-handler with ALL parameters customizable and an autosync feature when the device wake up.

Feel free to comment :slight_smile:


Note that there is a ST bug on iOS with preferences:


Nicely done…will need to try this out…

Looks good but does battery reporting work? This was one thing I never got working.

What do you mean ? it does work for me.

The device type I was using has said my battery is 100% since I installed the device. I am wondering if this is the case with this device type.

Mines too but they were also reporting 100% on my previous system. Battery status is not yet complete here. I will improve it in a few days. (I was focusing on preferences so for now it only report battery upon association :p).

I just updated the code now it handler request battery status every 48h on wakeup. I also change how current properties are stored using state instead of event attribute (as it sounds to work fine now).

Great! Keep us posted and if it’s working for you, I’ll give it a try in a few days.

Looks good to me, battery report give me:

New Zwave Event: zw device: 26, command: 8003, payload: 64

0x64 is 100. Specific value of 0xFF means low battery. (other values give the battery level).

I have fixed another potential issue. Be sure to use the latest from master.

I am trying it out now. So far, Battery hasn’t changed yet from 100% in the preferences, but not sure how long it will take. Also, how do you change the temperature from C to F?

Good catch, I fixed it. I’d never been able to understand F :slight_smile:

Thanks, in the US, it’s all we understand :slight_smile: So the only thing not working for me is the battery reporting. It still says 100%. How did you get yours to work?

I’m in the US and I still don’t understand it :slight_smile: (not my origin country).

Battery report 100% for me too but I think it’s because it’s still 100%. The Zwave command return 0x64 which is 100 in decimal. My previous setup using Domoticz was reporting the same thing (openZwave based). So I think it’s working…

Pretty awesome device type man!

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Note that this also a good HUB state indicator… if the sync state stay on pending for more than few hours it means that zwave commands are not beeing passed to your device and you may have to reboot the hub (powercycle, the reboot from the web page did not worked). I was scratching my head on this one trying to understand why my zwave cmd are not been taken by the device for several HOURS…

Overall this device type is performing well and I like the updated GUI options. My battery still says 100% even though I’ve had this sensor running for a few months so I can’t see how that is proper. Also, I believe I’ve found another bug as in my buttons it says the sensor is “Moving” when it’s not. See below.

From my Readme:

Vibration is always on

This is the default behavior for tampering alerts, you should change the paramter 24 to value 4 vibration. This will report the vibration level.

So… I think you should submit this device type to be officially supported… just saying :smile:


Yeah but my groovy is pythonic style :stuck_out_tongue: and some options are still missing like the way put the sensor to association group 1 and 2 for direct triggering devices (not a big deal but if I do that I have an issue with tamper alarm in vibration mode).

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