[OBSOLETE] Enhanced Z-Wave Garage Door Controller GD00Z-4/GD00Z-5/Linear/GoControl/Iris/Nortek Device Handler with Switch and Automated Garage Door Open/Close when People Arrive/Leave/Timer [OBSOLETE]

I recently purchased 2 chamberlain B980 openers. They have MyQ (wi-fi) built in and I have installed the “MyQ Lite” in my ST smart apps which is links MyQ’s cloud to open and close the door and even though the opener uses the motor’s position to show open/closed in the MyQ app that info isn’t transferred into the MyQ Lite app so a tilt or contact sensor is required for you to use any automation such as “close garage door at 10pm” since it is unable to tell if its currently opened or closed

My question is …. Would the My-Q home bridge make this DH work? And would I need 1 bridge per door or just 1 bridge?

GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4/others Device Handler - Version 02.05.03

  • Basic support for the new ST App

Garage Door Open and Close Automatically - Version 02.00.00

  • < no change >

Garage Door Open and Close Automatically feature summary:

  • Open garage doors when people arrive
    • Delay opening
    • Turn on switches/lights
    • Turn on lights only if it’s dark outside
  • Close garage doors when people leave
  • Close garage doors when left open for a specified time
  • Define operating schedules for each operation
  • Define operating modes for each operation
  • Notifications for actions

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The garage door controller SmartApp now has it’s own release topic:

GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4/others Device Handler - Version 02.05.04

  • Improve device health status reporting and update for new ST hub firmware

I have a newer Overhead Door Legacy 850… do you know if the GDOOZ is compatible?

Hi there. Check out this list, it appears to be compatible.

Thank you, I saw this list earlier. Says ‘likely’ compatible… was hoping someone could confirm before I made the purchase

Will this allow me to open with voice on the iris controller?

If not, is there a way for me to get that functionality?

@RBoy and @maddie, Do you have any plans to release an App/DH for people who have the dreaded Genie Aladdin garage opener system? I found a thread in a different community thread that lists the steps to get device status and to send open and close commands through the Aladdin API, however for people like me that are not good with coding are stuck. I see that you have options for various other garage controllers, It would be fantastic if you could make a similar app for Aladdin users. There are a lot of people in the community who are looking for a solution.


Hi there. You can send our support desk a feature request and we will add it to our queue which is prioritized based on demand.

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How do we send the support desk feature request?

Can I tell Alexa to open and close my garage door with this DTH?

Please add the Genie Aladdin support!!

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my garage door is showing that its unavailable.

checked my device handler and found out it was out dated so i updated it to - ver02.05.05

my IDE is showing that “hub is disconnected”?

my ide log:
garage log

i tried a z-wave repair via the smartthings app. i was also thinking the tilt sensor maybe needed a new battery, so i replaced it also.

but the status is still showing “unavailble”. i can still close and open the garage door from my smartthings app but a bit flaky(?) - delayed response.

anything else i need to try @RBoy @maddie?

thanks in advance

Reboot the hub from the IDE. That should clear the HUB_DISCONNECTED status.


looks like this did the trick. thanks.

I made the final migration to the new app, but even before that I noticed an issue.

I had a smartthings button switch programmed to open and close the garage door via an automation in the new app (even before the “migration”) but it seems to have stopped functioning in regards to these automations. The button works, because I set up a notification when it is activated, but the garage door isn’t. The door is connected and works from the app. But, I noticed there are two items that seem to want to do that same thing. What is the difference between “door control and garage door control”?

Update: I should now clarify. The door does not work from the app. When triggered to open/close from the app, by either of the in app buttons, the garage door gives the warning beeps but then does nothing. So it is getting signal from the hub. Any thoughts @RBoy ?

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If you are getting the warning beeps, it means it is getting activated by the signal. If the door isn’t closing or opening, maybe the connection to the door aren’t working. Use a meter to see if you are getting anything when the beeping stops and it should be triggering the door.

Looks like I found the issue… https://community.smartthings.com/t/linear-garage-door-opener-stopped-working

@RBoy @maddie I’m wondering about this DTH as I’ve been having some issues when using the device in automations in the new app. I’m not having an issue with the door opener working from a hardware perspective - knock on wood.

In the old app, I see two different tiles - namely “Open” and “Close”. However, in the ST New App, there are two different tiles - namely “Door control” and “Garage Door Control”. Why the difference in the New App and which tile should I use in the New App? From what I can tell, only the “Garage Door Control” button does anything - it seems like the “Door Control” button just spins in a circle.


The weird part is that in Automations, I only have the option for the “Garage Door Control”:

But, every automation I have, whether run automatically or manually never triggers the door to close. FWIW, I also don’t see any logs being created in the IDE. I’m not sure whether this is some platform issue related to automations or devices that have open/close capabilities or are of the garage door type but all the other switch devices in the automations turn off as desired.

What can we do to debug this?