[OBSOLETE] Dome Motion Sensor (Official)

I won’t be converting the Dome Motion Sensor DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired, but it probably doesn’t need a custom driver

This is the Official device handler for the Dome Motion Sensor (Model: DMMS1)


  • Enable/Disable LED - Determines if the LED should blink when motion is detected.

  • Motion Cleared Delay - The amount of time it should wait after a motion event before sending the motion inactive event.

  • Motion Detection Sensitivity - Sensitivity level of the motion detector.

  • Light Reporting Interval - Frequency that it should report light changes.

  • Light Sensor Sensitivity - Sensitivity level of the light sensor.





This device sleeps so every time you make a change to the settings you should open the device and press the connect button for about 1/2 second. If you don’t do this the changes won’t get applied until the next time the device wakes up which is every 12 hours by default.


This seems to be a real new device. How has it worked for you @krlaframboise compared to one the more established units? I got the Go-Linear motion expecting it work like the SmartThings brand and it was subpar on its sensitivity. It would trip and STAY tripped for minutes before showing new movement again…

I think the default reset time for the GoControl/Linear Motion Sensor is 3 minutes and the lowest you can set it to is 1 minute. It’s about 15 seconds for the SmartThings Motion sensor and the Dome Motion Sensor can be set as low as 10 seconds.

The GoControl motion sensors are also really slow at detecting motion so I haven’t been able to use them to turn on lights, but the Dome motion sensor detects motion faster than any other zwave motion sensors I’ve worked with.

Another thing I like about the Dome Sensor is that it’s magnetically attached to the base so you can angle it in any direction and easily detach it.


Been testing 2 of these out and everything seemed ok until a few days ago, I think. One of the sensors is pysical detecting motion when there is zero motion, I stood very still and watched the motion LED when there was no motion. Oh yeah, I know that I don’t snore at night because I stayed awake one night to find out and I didn’t. I know, Dad don’t do that again. Anyway, I noticed in my logs that there was excessive motion. So this morning before I left for work I turned the blind up a bit because I thought I had it set to low. Being home tonight I am seeing the LED light after a 30 sec blind to active. Thoughts. I don’t think it is the DTH but I am including my settings in the event of my error.

Settings Now:
30 seconds
3 minutes
Enabled debugging


So to continue with my week of ST woes, I ended up putting the motion sensor in a drawer this morning. Sure enough no motion has been detected. But the drawer is closed and the lux value is reading 40. Any ideas.

I haven’t had any issues with false motion events, but the lux reporting seems to get stuck every once in a while.

Is it still reporting 40?

Yes sir. Motion seems somewhat better after I did a triple click. Good news is that I left in the drawer to verify and it seem better. I am going to hang it back up.

Do you guys happen to know what the difference between these and Zooz is?
Other than price, of course :slight_smile:?

Dome’s sensor has a slightly different looks (with a ring of round imprints around motion lens) and a magnetic mounting bracket which makes it easy to mount/unmount and rotate to get the exactly right angle for motion detection.


Aesthetic aspects are certainly important but I am wondering if there are any differences in performance.

Performance is comparable, the only difference you may experience is through the UI so the custom handler created for each device. They both have the same trigger interval threshold and sensitivity level threshold.

Thanks! Understood.

Can anyone help me out with parameter 9 (light sensitivity)? The options in DTH range from 1 to 25 (default 13).

Based on Dome website I believe 13 (default) is equivalent to 100lux. Is there a good way to know what the different settings represent? Dome’s website talks about valid settings being from 00 to FF (hex) 0 to 255 (lux) instead of 1 to 25.

I’m probably just too lazy to figure out the conversion myself, sorry.

Sorry for the delay, but I completely missed your post.

That setting is supposed to accept 0-255 lux, but it ignores values over 100 so I’m pretty sure that setting is in %, not lux.

It’s somewhat common for manuals to show incorrect configuration information or have firmware bugs related to settings.

Actually I emailed dome tech support.

Their feedback indicates that settings 1-25 correspond to 0 to 255 lux.

They indicated that if I want notifications every 20 lux a setting of 2 would be appropriate.

Thanks for your feedback too.

They’re wrong…

I wrote all of Dome’s Official DTHs with their input so they know that 1-25 are evenly split and they most likely just looked at the manual and did the math.

I primarily worked with 1 person so the person that replied probably isn’t aware of the list of bugs/discrepancies I reported while writing those DTHs.

I just did multiple tests and it accepted everything between 1 and 100 and ignored everything between 101 and 255 so I’m absolutely positive the manual is wrong.

Line 481 shows that the interval being used is 4 so you need to use 5 if you want 20 lux. I still think it’s % and not lux, but I haven’t tested that.

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Thanks so much for your obviously more qualified response, pretty sad that tech support mislead me like this. I’ll being following your math for sure.

Thanks again for your solution to my query

Is it normal for it to take a year or more to add official DTHs? I added my sensor assuming it would work by default. When I went to remove it, the instructions for exclusion didn’t work for me. Leaflet with the product says to click the button 3 times to set it to exclusion, and that the LED would flash several times.

If you’re in the same situation, click the button rapidly. It was only after this that it would flash for me and it was immediately removed. I suspect maybe it either needs to be clicked 5+ times or you have to click really, really fast.

Once it was removed, I was able to add it back in again and it works great. Thank you for the device handler!


This is the official DTH and it was written about 1 year ago, but SmartThings stopped accepting publication requests so Dome was unable to get it added to the platform.

It’s 3 clicks, but I think it has to be within 1.5 seconds.

Is it Samsung that does not allow local execution?
So disappointed, I will probably move to some Linux open source controller.