[OBSOLETE] Denon Network AV Receivers

I tried this last night. It seems that this will not allow Lannouncer to pass audio through a Denon. The DNLA player DHT does allow this. Is that a missing feature or by design?

Is your system HEOS?

With the non-HEOS systems, you can use any device that can establish a Bluetooth connection and make announcements that way.

The HEOS systems seem to require a telnet connection.

I didn’t t know what that is. I figured out that with webCore Denon and so is speakers like speak text and resume but non dlna speakers worn with speak or speak text. Took me a while to figure that out.

Hi, I’m pretty new to Smartthings and am not very good with programming, although I would like to believe I can at least understand what I’m doing if properly instructed.
You mentioned you included a list of inputs that are not shown, but we can add it.
I was already able to add my Denon device and get it working.

I wanted to add Aux2 and DVD (both already supported on your list), but have no idea on how I would actually “add” them. I tried simply replacing all instances of the term “tv” by “aux2” and thought it would successfully replace the “tv” input by the “aux2” input… but it must not be it, since it did not work.
Can you instruct this dummy on how to properly do this??

Many thanks in advance,

I’m missing something obvious here (a little rusty with ST) - I’ve added the Device Handler, what next?

Bump…am I doing something wrong, missing something or does it just not work with the X2400H?

Does using this allow for sending verbal notifications from SmartThings to Denon receiver? If so how does the receiver handle notifications that get played while music is already playing - dim/mute music and play notification or stop music to play notification and if the latter does music resume afterwards?

Something like you describe would hypothetically be possible. If you have an android tablet, you can use Tasker. It would go something like this:
A) tablet receives notification
B) AutoNotification plug-in intercepts it
C) Tasker auto-connects to Denon via Bluetooth. Whenever any Bluetooth source connects to the Denon, the Denon switches to bluetooth.
D) Tasker reads/speaks contents of notification.

To make it better, you might want to poll the Denon for its input status every five minutes or so. That way Tasker could set a variable based on it, and when finished reading the message could send a command to switch back to the last known input.

Yeah that’s one of the things I’ve been wondering is whether or not the input would need to be switched and makes sense that it does. Guess it was wishful thinking on my part to hope music could be dimmed or muted and notification be played then resume music afterwards all on the same input.

IDK if if any wants to retackle this for HEOS, but it looks like some serious progress has been made.

I can confirm these commands work
<ip>:8080/goform/formiPhoneAppPower.xml?1+PowerStandby <ip>:8080/goform/formiPhoneAppPower.xml?1+PowerOn

and I’m using them with the URI devicetype to control power on an AVR-X4400H receiver

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The problem with telnet connections is persistence. Any time you send a single command via telnet, you have to ensure you “log off” afterward.

So the process for successful telnet is
a) Connect
b) send command
c) receive new status (part of your command string)
d) log off / disconnect.

Else you’ll have this ‘open’ connection dangling out there, interfering with your new attempt to connect.

Understand that it will, possibly, also adversely affect HEOS operations.

Good thing it works over http then :slight_smile:

This doesn’t seem to be working in the newest smartthings app. I have two devices running the previous smarthings, and two running the new. Every time I click this device in the ones running the new smartthings, smartthings crashes.

Also, a request, it would be nice if device inputs and labels were editable in settings, so whenever you update the handler, there wouldn’t be a need to go in and re-edit things.


Same issue just recently. Please advise upon the data we can provide to debug this regression resulting in full functionality lost.


No more support?

Understand that most of the devs here are doing this as a “labor of love”.
The new app clearly has different functionality than the old, and the big changes underway are going to chase some of these developers away.

It is samsung’s Right to do this in pursuit of greater sales

Sucks for their existing user base though.

The new app doesn’t support custom DTHs so this so t work until that is fixed. It shouldn’t crash though. That’s Samsung’s problem

Sorry folks, I’ve upgraded my AVR and no longer have a Denon so is hard to support blindly. Plus the new Denon AVRs don’t use the same structure, so this DTH is becoming antiquated fast, if not obsolete already…

If anyone is interested in continuing to work on this, please PM or just step in and take over.

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How exciting! How awesome! Obsoleting a huge chunk of what works for the existing customer base… way to go, Samsung!!

The customizability is pretty much the reason I chose ST over the then-competition.
But before I get too bugged-out, let’s see how it plays out.

Just tried installing this for my AVR-X4400h. Got everything installed and updated the IP but the classic app force closes as soon as I click the device. Haven’t tried the new app.