[OBSOLETE] Denon Network AV Receivers

I already have one and plan to use it, it would work for the main AVR kit, but if I ever added external speakers… Just exploring options as my current 17y.o. Yamaha receiver died. I’m looking at the opportunity to be the start of a whole home networked speaker set so… the Denon looks like where I want to go, but of I want 7.2 and 4K compatability you can’t get one that isn’t HEOS… But HEOS apparently means no web control… Rock meet hard place.

Sure you can… Even the 720w supports 7.2 and 4k. And don’t say anything bad about it, because my Klpsch 7.2 speakers sound good on it lol


Is zone 2 supported? I have Denon AVR-X3000 and the handler does not turn on Zone 2. I saw some code in this thread that I can try if in fact that is recommended?

def z2on() {
log.debug "Turning on Zone 2"
sendEvent(name: “zone2”, value: “ON”)
def z2off() {
log.debug "Turning off Zone 2"
sendEvent(name: “zone2”, value: “OFF”)


Is this 2 devices? One for main and one for zone 2 control? I have denon avr-x3000.

I have an AVR-1913. Is there any way I can get WebCoRE to play a file off of a DLNA server? I want to play a certain track. WebCore asks for a URL as a value. Not sure what I’d use. I can play the file via the Network section of my Denon on-screen controls. Also, how do I switch input to Network via WebCore if anyone knows?

Correct. You need to load both DHs. It will create the child zone 2 device based on the DH preference. Refresh is only on main zone but it updates the child zone 2.

Thank you and this works amazingly well and I was able to add more inputs. Question - my use case is i want to switch to a specific input (“CD”) on my Denon receiver when Google Home starts playing music on my Chromecast Audio which is connected to that specific input (“CD”). Appreciate any help!

Sorry if his is a dumb question, but with network receivers is there a way to use them as a DLNA speaker? Basically I’m thinking of buying the Denon receiver and wondering about using it for alerts & notifications in addition to playing music. I’m not sure how it’d handle alerts that would come through while playing music, but trying my best to avoid buying speakers only for notifications.

I’ve got the receiver to turn on and switch to an optical input (CD) with Google Assistant with the following string of platforms and tools!
Google Home-> IFTTT-> WebCore-> Denon.
So a command “Start Receiver and Play songs” will do the trick. I havent been able to get a single command do everything together yet (for example “Play Songs” to play song from chromecast audio which is connected to AV Receiver and automatically switch to an optical input (cd)).

These instructions don’t seem to work. Once I get to “my device handlers” there isn’t anything that says “settings” and certainly nothing about “Add new repository” in any of the device handler edit screens.

Am I missing something?

Never mind. I confused github integration with IDE’s basic features. I went ahead and removed github integration and just added the handler and then the device. The instructions seem so much more confusing than they need to be. The process is far simpler than the instructions in this thread.

Not sure I follow, so I create a device with the Main Zone DH then a second device will create automatically after I change hasZone2 to true on the Zone 1 device?

Correct as long as you also install the zone 2 DH in the IDE as well.

Interesting, I added both DH’s (pasted from code). I can add a Device using the main DH but there are only two buttons, a refresh and an off/on button (that works). No other buttons, no zone 2. I am new to this, clearly I am doing something wrong / in over my head :slight_smile: I will keep experimenting.

How did you do this exacly? I mean the IFTTT to webcore and Denon part. I’m trying to do something similar myself.

It seems that Denon changes input names in their API on different models. I had to change mine completely from what Bobby’s DH had to work. This is going to make supporting it difficult.

I have code that hides input buttons based on if you are hiding it via Denon menu settings. Since input names may differ from model to model you will need to update the device handlers. In a web browser pull up your Denon API:

Then compare the names of the inputs to the device.X tiles at the top and edit as appropriate.

Zone 2 is a preference you set in the device preferences.

On Denon Receiver, the optical input 1 was configured to use the “CD” input command. When you hit “CD” button on the remote control of the Denon receiver, it should display that the Input is in Auto mode (ie it can either use CD HDMI input or CD Optical input). Once this is set up, on the Device Handler that is being discussed in this thread, change an existing input that you dont use to CD. I utilized DVD. Find “DVD” and “dvd” in the code and replace with “CD” and “cd” resp. It was that simple. Once its saved in IDE, i used WebCore to create a rule to Turn On the Receiver and also execute the cd() function. The cd() function changes the input to CD on the receiver.
Once this rule is in place in webcore, you will have to set a trigger to execute which is nothing but the IFTTT command. IFTTT would need the URL to trigger this rule which is on the webcore dashboard- above the piston- under “Quick facts”. The label name is External URL. Open this and copy it for using in IFTTT rule with google assistant. You have to sign up for IFTTT Makers website(https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks) and create a rule with google assistant Webhooks. While creating the rule on the “THEN” part, enter the URL of the piston from WebCore. So any phrase you set with the google assistant would trigger IFTTT rule which will trigger the piston on webcore to turn on the receiver and switch input to CD. Let me know if this helps.

Thanks a lot! I will try this for sure

I saw the same behavior as you, j1677. What I did is open the Simulator, and then click on the appropriate input - doing that magically made the icons appear in the app.

Note that for me, the log shows the “hidden” inputs being culled, but that really means “turn into a blank button in the app”, not actually remove the button.

Just tried this on my old AVR4806. It gets an IP address and I can telnet to the receiver, no web browser access to it. I tried changing the port # to telnet as well, no love for me. Guess it might be too old. It also shuts down the ethernet port on standby. I wanted to power it up and stream Enter Sandman when the alarm went off at 10db, nice and LOUD!