[OBSOLETE] CoolAutomation - CoolMasterNet SmartApp


I have a vrf air conditioner system that is connected to coolmasternet from coolautomation.com

Is there a way to integrate this to SmartThings ?

Thanks in advance

I am planning on installing a VRV Daikin system and have looked at a coolmasternet. I reached out to smart things but they weren’t interested in helping with a custom smart app. You get anywhere?

Not at all.

Never get support from any of the parties.

Since I posted this cool master net have advised they they have done the integration with smart things it’s just waiting on approval.

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Anything about day of release?

Do they have the smartapp and the Device Handler, maybe they could upload it to GitHub.

Any news on this?

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In case anyone looks back at this thread the smartapp is available here: https://github.com/CoolAutomation/smartthings

In case anyone looks back at this thread, and since Groovy is not allowed anymore on ST, this web app I have developed might be useful.
It is not a direct integration, but it is a very nice remote control that can be used on dashboards.

Available on GitHub: CoolMasterNet-Web