[OBSOLETE] Control lighting in great detail with button devices (Aeon Minimote, Enerwave ZWN-SC7)

I don’t know if its worth going to the trouble, it is a minor issue to me. I just make sure my devices that I have in this app are all communicating and it is all good.

Well, since I already had the code I just threw it in so people can choose the toggle type. If anyone updates to this new version and used the reverse toggle, you might have to reset that option to the toggle type you want.


I installed the smartapp, nothing else. Hopefully I am doing this right - I am a newb at all the extra handler/app stuff. I got it working, but I want to add long press or holds so I can say Hold 1 and turn off lights vs using all 4 buttons to set to say 50% button 1, 10% button 2. If I use all 4 buttons on a single press to control lights using my minimote I cant use it for anything else lihjg bathroom lights. Is there something I am missing, can you not do such a thing? It would be cool to hold it dim but if not thats ok, just want to have 8 options vs 4. Is that possible with my minimote.

@elite I believe the button mappings are in the SmartApp heading and also mentioned in the first post.

Ya. I started reading all the posts and was sifting through and the info I needed was right at that too. Added 8 buttons, programmed what I wanted, held 1 which is 5 (going in order) and it triggered the lights I wanted. Thanks. I need to play toggle type and turn light on/off setting cause it all seems to do the same but overall it’s working as posted. Great simple effective use of minimote. I have a in wall 7 button that probably would work as well. It I’m afraid to touch it lol. I have it linked to some harmony settings so I’m always leary about playing when things work.

@erocm1231, extra characters at the end of line 37 in the latest github version of button-controller-enhanced-lighting.groovy.

I updated a few minutes ago and can’t access the app. It worked prior to this update. I click on it and I get nothing.

There’s an error in the groovy code… easy fix … see the post above yours.

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It has now been fixed.

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Thanks for creating this powerful app. Are there any instructions anywhere to setup a simple on/off toggle for a z wave plugin lamp? I just want to be able to turn on/off a light with press of button 1. If I turn on the light with Alexa, pressing button 1 once would turn it off. Which of the three choices in this app under ‘toggle type’ do I need to choose?

If it is a single light you can choose either “Single light on, turn all on” or Single light off, turn all off" and it will work how you are asking. If you have more than one light then that is where the toggle can be more specific.

Single light on, turn all on: All lights get evaluated when you press the button. If none or any of the lights are on it will turn the rest on. Else it will turn them all off. On a subsequent push, it will do the opposite action (on/off).

Single light off, turn all off: All lights get evaluated when you press the button. If any of the lights are off it will turn the rest off. Else, it will them all on. On a subsequent push, it will do the opposite action (on/off).

Same button pressed 2x in a row: If you press the button 1 time, it turns the lights on. You press it again, it turns the lights off. This toggle action doesn’t evaluate the lights state, but just executes the above action.

@erocm1231 THANK YOU! I stumbled across this as a fantastic way to control my Leviton VRCS4 and VRCZ4 scene/zone controllers - the toggle options and the dimmer settings are exactly what I needed, and weren’t “out-of-the-box” with the otherwise brilliant VRCS-Button-Controller app created by @bdahlem. (For anyone looking for his device handlers for the VRCS4 and its optional load switch, you’ll find them here.)

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Well this post makes me have to redo all my button assignments.

Smart to use long press as the ST version to handle local processing!

Thanks for the App!

However what am I missing, I simply cannot get the lights (LIFX Colour and Hue) to do a simple toggle without the app changing the colour/brightness etc. The only way it can toggle the lights is by selecting the “Same Button Pressed 2 or…” as the Type and then on the “Next Page” Option set “Turn the light on or off” to ON but after doing this the App then sends a colour code or brightness level.

The additional features are great and very useful but I also require the ability to simply toggle the light ON/OFF with the same button on the remote and NOT change any of the lights attributes? Is this possible please?


I just uploaded an update to the app that should allow you to accomplish what you want. Just make sure you set the light toggle to “on” and leave the color and level selections blank and the app should only toggle the lights on and off.


Thank You very much Eric!!!

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Hi Eric, seems like you have a good app here. I just want to clarify some features as I’m considering buying a Smart Things hub and will likely use your app. My major issue is that I currently have a number of Hue lights that I control via the Hue tap. However in certain rooms there are non-Hue lights that I would like to control as well with same button. I know the Hue Tap isn’t supported by Smart Things, my question is though would I be able to use your app with one of the button devices mentioned in the title to say turn on Hue lights as well as non-Hue lights connected to a smart outlet (Smart Things, WeMo, etc.) so that they all turn on at the push of a button? If not do you know of any way to do this?? Thanks in advance.

This particular app doesn’t, but you can easily set up the stock Smart Lighting SmartApp to turn on other lights when one is turned on, and then turn them off again when that one is turned off.

A better experience would be to use Trend Setter to group your lights into one virtual switch, and configure your remote to toggle that.

There are a few apps that can do this (including the one in this thread). You can use any button device that works with SmartThings and have it control any switch or bulb that works with SmartThings with this SmartApp.

Hi all!!! This app rocks! I appreciate the great work. I programmed one of the buttons to ‘random’ and my 8 year old daughter pushes the button repeatedly making my hue lights color cycle while pretending it’s a disco light LOL!!! Only problem is it turns off in between color changes.

I have an 8 button controller (ZRC-90).

I want to turn on/off the lights with button 1 (keeping the wife happy with simple operation) and ‘random’ color cycle when button 1 is held down (keeping my daughter dancing)…you know so the show doesn’t have to stop when the light turns off LOL!

First part is simple, I just assign the hue lights to button 1 full white and turn toggle on. Second part I don’t exactly get. Do I assign ‘Random color’ to button 9 (should equal hold down of button 1) without toggle turned on?

Thank you for any input you guys share!