[OBSOLETE] Color Changing Smart Weather lamp app

IKEA FADA - That’s the same lamp that’s on my list for doing the weather lamp with! :smile:

Good choice - reckon it’ll look great!

hello all,

This is great app!

When the lamp goes one it has a greenish light color? how can i change that ?
also, instead of “warm light” wehn everything is fine, can i chnages it to something else?

All i am asking is where can i change the colors? cani use HEX color codes ?

Will this code work ‘as is’ in the UK or are there lines that will have to be amended?

Just need to go out and buy my Hues and the Ikea lamp.

This app is great - thanks for coding it. It’s working perfectly with my LIFX’s

Is there anyway to trigger it to use the “Always On” functionality, but just during a certain set of hours each day?

i.e. Could this be setup to provide the continuous feedback loop on weather conditions, but just between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., as I’m preparing to leave for the day?

I tried to create a workaround using the ‘Set for Specific Mode(s)’ option and a virtual switch that triggers a ‘Weather Lamp’ mode on and off. The workaround correctly triggers the mode change and turns the light on.

However, the light remains on even after the virtual switch is turned off and a new mode is activated (one that isn’t selected in the ‘Set for Specific Mode(s)’ options within the apps’s backend)

I suppose I could create a separate routine that simply turns off the LIFX bulb I’m using within the app at a certain time each day - but was wondering if there’s a simpler, more elegant solution I could employ instead…

The Forecast.io API is now The Dark Sky API

The developer portal is now https://darksky.net/dev/.
The attribution requirement of the Terms of Service have changed. Attribution should:
Display “Powered by Dark Sky”
Link to https://darksky.net/poweredby/.
Please make this change at your earliest convenience!
The API endpoint has changed from https://api.forecast.io/ to https://api.darksky.net/.
The previous endpoint will continue to work, but please change your software as soon as possible.

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Hello I would like to know why are my light not changing colors it was working but now it stays at warm white even though it is raining today.
thanks richard

Does the code need these changes found at bellow post from Nick konsta to make it work now?
Color Changing Smart Weather lamp app

EDIT: I think I got it figured out.

Please do Share… i could not find the correct place to make the edits.

I’m using a different app (ColorCast), and I haven’t looked at the code for this app yet, but I assume it would be similar since the one I’m using was a fork of this app.

Basically, look for the following text in the code…

If you find that, change it to api.darksky.net

Sorry I can’t be any more helpful. When I get a chance later today, I will look at the code for this app, and see if it’s much different.

Looks like it’s in line 129 if you haven’t changed the number or order of lines of the code.

Much thanks.
Made the change and also the ref to the new site for my own use


I’m using the ‘ColorCast’ SmartApp (here) which is a fork off of this one from you.

With that app, my DarkSky API account is getting hit WAY too much. As you know, we get 1,000 free API calls per month. Well, I’ve had mine connected for only 5 days, and my account has already gone from zero up to 469 hits in that time. So, basically, I’m seeing about a hundred API calls each day. At this rate, my free 1,000 calls will only last me 10 days of the month.

Is this about how yours works too, or how many days do you get out of your free 1,000?

I need some help the app was working for more than 3 years. now the hue light will not turn on light works. ran the simulator and the motion triggers ut comes up with an error on line 111.
log.debug “Weather conditions temp_f: ${conditions.current_observation.temp_f.toInteger()}”

The problem results from SmartThings decision to eliminate their weather API. See: Announcement: Weather API Changes

The easiest way to get the functunatility back is to switch to the Colorcast app which is based on this code, but uses a different weather API. See: ColorCast - Color Changing Weather Lamp

To install it:

  1. Go to http://www.smartthings.com/developers/ and create an account
  2. After your account is created go to “My SmartApps” then click “+ New SmartApp”
  3. Select the “From Code” tab
  4. Copy the code from https://github.com/jdiben/Smart-Weather-Lamp/blob/master/Smart-Weather-Lamp.groovy and paste it into that page
  5. Click “Create”
  6. Click “Publish” then Click “For Me”
  7. When that’s complete just go to the SmartThings app and add a new app
  8. Swipe the top section over to “My Apps” and tap the app you just created.
  9. Follow the onscreen setup and you’re done.

Hope this helps

thanks for helping but is version has another error

startup failed: script_app_metadata_ccb8f58d_bf18_48fa_b1e0_9973b6eb6214: 22: expecting EOF, found ‘import’ @ line 22, column 4. 22 import java.util.regex.* ^ 1 error
thank you

Hello got the app to publish on win 10 computer but why does it say enabled but in a simulation mode it comes up with a error App is disabled. Forecast will not be displayed. thank you again

I would really like this to work for me but can someone pls explain where exactly I should put the API code in line 129 as told and also do I neeed to type the coordinater aswell and where?
Please help me out

Once you install the smartapp, you go into it on your phone or tablet and scroll down to “Under the hood” > Advanced options. You enter the Forecast.io API key there.

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any way on updating this app to get it to work with another weather service, ie open weather, since dark sky is now an Apple product and they have closed down their api